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  1. Treva

    MIA...I am back!

    Good Morning Friends!!! I know it has been a long time. No excuses for not staying in touch with y'all. My moms moved here, house built....and I am ready to jump in again if you will have me?:o I have missed y'all ~Treva~
  2. Treva

    Looking for Shade Loving Flowers

    I am looking for seed or cuttings for shade loving flowers! Take a look at my trade list or I could send postage. Thank You for your condideration! God Bless You Treva
  3. Treva

    Updated My seed trade list...

    Anyone want to do some trading???:D My Trade List my garden site my photo site
  4. Treva

    I am back!!!

    I am back after a long 9 weeks I have returned home!!:D My mother is doing better Praise the LORD! Thank You friends for lifting her in prayer. I am trying to get organized...things here are kinda a mess lol! Its soooooooooooo cold and I have lost a lot but a lot has survived also! I hope...
  5. Treva

    Cuttings for trade!!

    Hi Y'all I just cut back a bunch of my adeniums...if anyone wants any of them for trade or postage please let me know! Here's a list of what I have cut so far... Fragrant delight, Asian Star, Holland Pink, My Country X Plastic, Star of Top, Have a Dream, Super Moonlight Fairy, Royal ruby...
  6. Treva

    I am Back and have tons of adeniums!

    I am back but maybe for only a few weeks?? May have to return again to help my mother. Thank you all for continued prayer. I have TONS of adenium babies....they are all named. I am going to need to cut down on these seedlings! I would LOVE to trade them for different varieties of tropical...
  7. Treva


    Ok Y'all, I am absolutely hooked on Hibiscus!:D I want them all!!! ( I am partial to the tropical types but want any I can get) I would Love to trade or send postage for any hibiscus seed, or cuttings you have to share. Please check out my trade list and lt me know if we can workout a trade?
  8. Treva

    New Blooms!

    A few New Blooms... Hardy Red Hibiscus Eye of Kali Cosmic Dancer White Texas Star (grown from seed!)
  9. Treva

    Offer Loqaut Seed

    [I have Laqut seed (Japanese Plum Tree) for trade. I just harvested from friends tree in Louisiana!
  10. Treva

    Does anyone have these??

    I am looking for surfina petunia. I have a friend that had it and fell in Love with it last year...she cant find it this year?? Can anyone help? I would Love to find some for her...seed or plants!
  11. Treva

    I am looking for....

    I would Love to have a Clematis! The ones with Big blooms! I have tried several times to grow them from seed...No Success!!! So I am now looking for Clematis cuttings...anyone have any they would share? I would Love to make a trade or pay postage??? Anyone??? :D Thank You God Bless...
  12. Treva

    I am looking for Cajun Hibiscus!

    I saw a Cajun Hibiscus bloom today:p, and now I have to have one!!!!!:eek: Please if anyone has cuttings to share I will trade anything I have to trade!!!:D
  13. Treva

    Cannas for Postage!

    Hello Friends! In addition to my Seed list below and my plant and seed trade list. I would like to offer Mixed Cannas for Postage! I will be digging another bed of Cannas soon and will be glad to share them for postage. There are pictures of my cannas at my photo site. These will be...
  14. Treva

    Kya D

    I just wanted to let you know..that the barley seed works even better than the straw!!!! Remember you sent me both...well the seed did not get planted, and the other day I took it and put it in a mesh bag and put it in my pond. WELL....MY POND looks better than it ever has!!! I am so...
  15. Treva

    Updated trade list!

    I have updated my trade list! And will be adding more frequently!!! Take a look, lets see if we can make a trade?:D
  16. Treva

    Can anyone ID this plant?

    It came up in one of my planters? It is a beautiful flower but i have NO idea what it is?
  17. Treva

    Everything Bloomin!

    Hello Friends Well I finally have some online time! I am sitting in Shreveport, while my husband is doing business. So....I thought I would share some of what's bloomin at home! Just hope it does not get to dry while we are gone! Some of my Lillys
  18. Treva

    My Adeniums

    Hello Friends I just wanted to share my adeniums! i am finally beginning to have blooms!!!!!!
  19. Treva

    A Peony Question??

    Hello Friends I have a Peony Question? While in KS I dug some of my grandpas peonies, before the house was sold. I know this is the wrong time of the year to do this, BUT...I had to have some of his flowers! Will these do ok? I have never had them before, and these are very special to me...
  20. Treva

    Updated Trade List

    I have updated my trade list I would LOVE to make some trades!:D is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to