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  1. Blueaussi

    Damaged pots

    The extreme cold we had this winter has been heck on my clay pots! I was out cleaning out the weeds from around and in the pots today, and was really taking stock. It's not good news. The worst part is that the place where I used to load up on clay pots for really low prices has closed. He used...
  2. Blueaussi

    Pepper Seeds I have on hand

    These are what I have on hand. I'm not going to grow all of these, some I've grown before and wasn't too crazy about, some were freebies, some came in trades. I will also be ordering some varieties that I want but don't have seeds for, that I have to order plants to get. Yes, I know, I have a...
  3. Blueaussi

    Freebies I don't want

    I was sent two tomato freebies that I don't want. From Park Seed: Razzleberry Hybrid From Tomato Growers Supply: Giant Belgium (Scroll down) I'd be glad to send them to any one who would like...
  4. Blueaussi

    Moroccan Bean and Pepper Stew

    I'm soaking chick peas and kidney beans to make my own, and dicing fresh tomatoes. I want to make it lower in sodium. I'm also using fresh ginger because I like fresh ginger. **** Moroccan Bean and Pepper Stew Cinnamon, ginger, and red pepper not only warm up the flavors of this...
  5. Blueaussi

    More Doggie Pictures

    The dogs love the cold weather! They're wild! See all the white bits in that last picture? They used to be inside the green comforter. I had wrapped some plants against the cold with it, but when I came outside Sunday, I found it being used as a tug toy!
  6. Blueaussi

    Dreams of 2010 Tomatoes

    So, now that Catalog Fondling Season is in full swing, have you made a tomato wish list? Mine is way, way too long, but it's fun to dream, isn't it? This is what I have seeds for so far, some from trades, some given to me by generous tomato lovers, and some that I bought. It's way to much, but I...
  7. Blueaussi

    More company

    I thought all my company had left, then I spotted this uninvited fellow. I've had a bit of a problem since they put my new door up, after the break-in. the old storm door doesn't fit right, but I haven't been able to afford a new one. So, there are gaps between the storm door and the regular...
  8. Blueaussi

    Dog Day Afternoon

    It was such a beautiful day here, The dogs and the cats and I spent it in the yard. I was doing some long overdue cleaning and trashing, and the dogs were having a great game of tug and fetch.
  9. Blueaussi

    A bit of bragging

    Picked from my yard this afternoon. We've had a very mild fall, and only one frost, and that was this weekend. I covered most of the garden because the peppers are still producing. I went to pull some of the feral lemon basil because the cold burned it, even if it was protected, and there...
  10. Blueaussi

    I think...

    I think I'm getting the hang of the macro on my new camera. I'm really having a lot of fun with it.
  11. Blueaussi


    I was wondering if anyone had ever grown Bomarea. This guy has some interesting tomatoes, and I was thinking of placing an order, so I was browsing the rest of his site. The Bomarea is beautiful and...
  12. Blueaussi

    Freezer Jam: A Baby Step To Canning

    Intersting article at NPR Freezer Jam: A Baby Step To Canning by Stephanie Stiavetti For years I researched the art and craft of preserving summer fruit, but I could never bring myself to go ahead and try it myself. What...
  13. Blueaussi

    Blue Tits embrace 'aromatherapy' 08:23 GMT, Friday, 14 August 2009 09:23 UK Blue tits embrace 'aromatherapy' Matt Walker Editor, Earth News Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) Looking for a health boost Blue tits use medicinal plants to disinfect...
  14. Blueaussi

    Today's Pepper Harvest

    Hm, so, let's see, that's red and yellow pimento, Redskin, Cherry Chocolate, Hawaiian Sweet Hots, Lemon Drop, Dedo De Mocha, Zavory, Pimiento De Cheiro, Melrose, Bishop's Hat, Kalidescope, Aji Angelo, and Cobanero. And Pilange! And, you know, my supervisors.
  15. Blueaussi

    Brown-eyed and Black-eyed Susans

    My front yard has been sadly neglected this year, so I was pleased and surprised to see a Brown-eyed Susan had sprouted out of a crack in the sidewalk right next to the front flower bed. I don't have any Brown-eyed Susans in that bed, but lots of Black-eyed Susans. I tried to take a picture to...
  16. Blueaussi

    When do you pick your tomatoes?

    I've always let my tomatoes ripen on the vine if at all possible. This year the mystery beast that's eating my 'maters has forced me to bring mine inside when they start showing color. Someone posted this article over at Tomatoville, and now I don't feel so bad about having to counter ripen...
  17. Blueaussi

    Late Blight Scare

    I saw this article on the WLTX web site this morning. I had read that there was a bad late blight outbreak in the northeast, and that it was associated with Bonnie Bell plants. I hadn't heard it might be in the southeast, too. A Tomato Killer May Be Lurking In Your Garden...
  18. Blueaussi

    Variegated Daylily

    I have a Pardon Me daylily that's been in a container for about...5 years? It's running a little behind this year because I had to repot it, but I noticed there were some variegated leaves sprouting along the edge. I've been watching it, and noticed today that it's shooting up a scape, and that...
  19. Blueaussi


    Have any of you ever grown Daphne shurbs? I'm interested in them, I love fragrant plants; but I don't really know anything about them. I know there are at least several different species, but I don't have a clue as to which would be best for this area, or is the best bloomer, or, well, much of...
  20. Blueaussi

    ARGH! *@$#&* Rodent!

    I've been watching a Stupice tomato that started blushing this weekend, was all ready to pick it, had the bread ready for that first tomato sandwich, and when I went to pick it last night, SOME @#$%!* RODENT HAD EATEN THE BACK OFF! This is war! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to