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  1. Alan in Vermont

    Pumpkins & Broomcorn

    Two success stories out of a dismal gardening year. A decent pumpkin crop with one outstanding specimen and the makings of a witches broom for Elisha. The pumpkin measures 34" across and 24" high, some of the broomcorn hits the 14' mark.
  2. Alan in Vermont

    Sweet, Chunk Pickle Recipe(s) Needed

    We have quite a few of what we call "ripe" cucumbers that are ready for making into sweet pickles. Linda found a recipe for them last year and we made a batch to try. Turned out that our Son-in-Law loved them. Our daughter was going to make a batch this year but we have run into a snag...
  3. Alan in Vermont

    Homemade and STURDY Tomato Cages

    I finally got fed up with the commercially available cages. Things bend all outa shape, fall over with wind or heavy plants,, just plain JUNK! So I made some out of cattle fence panels. Made eight for a trial run. Cages are 12" square(need to be bigger) and in two pieces so they will stack...
  4. Alan in Vermont

    The Garden took a whipping today

    We got hit with torrential (thankfully brief) rain, 1/2" hail and high winds this afternoon. Not a lot of damage around the area but my garden took a pretty heavy hit. Prevailing winds are southerly so everything was pointing the wrong way when the northerly gusts came slamming in. Early...
  5. Alan in Vermont


    Crows have found the garden and have been pulling my Prizewinner pumpkins as they break ground. Corn isn't showing yet so they haven't been able to raid that yet. Last year I put in four batches of corn, staggered planting dates to extend the marketing season. This plot got planted in 1/2lb...
  6. Alan in Vermont

    Seedlings coming along nicely

    I've been mother henning a bunch of seed starts. Along with two full trays of onions(first attempt at them) there are six varieties if tomatoes, cauliflower(another first try), two varieties of cabbage, mixed sweet peppers, and some broccoli. I was thinking I would sort out some of the...
  7. Alan in Vermont

    Working the soil with "Heavy Equipment"

    I notice that a lot of the participants here are working raised beds or "smaller" flat plots. I'm dealing with more area and working my soil with plow and harrow, using four wheeled garden tractors. Mine are all old enough to be "vintage" or even "antique", the newest is a 1991 model. I could...
  8. Alan in Vermont

    Starting Onions From Seed

    Last year I planted Walla Walla onions using started plants from Gurney's. They did well and I want to do more this year to try at our farmers market. A bit pricey to go with plants so I want to start my own from seed. I have slightly less than zero idea of how to go about it. Our average...
  9. Alan in Vermont

    Newbie from Northwest Vermont

    Hello all. I'm a small scale market gardener and collector/user of John Deere garden tractors. The gardening started as an excuse to use my tractors. I'm working a couple acres now, land that friends let me use. Have made some blunders and learned a few things. Hopefully I can find... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to