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    Come and Grow A Rose With Me

    sass your roses are just beautiful. I had some in Tx. But will have to start over in Ky. And will try the ones you suggest. And they can with stand the cold and snow here? I hope are nice.. Linda
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    My Greenhouses

    Vegg,, Your G-houses will be so nice. I sure miss my 2 g-houses back in Tx. And the plants I had to leave behind. Brother says some have survived , So hope they will still be growing when I go back and get the rest of my things and flowers..Linda
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    Winter Sowing

    flwrs4ever When do you start your winter sowing. I am very interested and want to try this year.. Let me know what plants and when some should be planted Thanks Linda
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    Hi I am chatty:)

    Hello Chatty. Nice to meet you.. Linda
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    Hello From Sunny India

    Welcome Suzanne.. I am new and really like it here.. So glad Bob started this new forum.. Linda
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    Kale Is Here To Say Hello and HOWDY GARDENERS'!!

    Hello Kale.. Nice to meet you. And sounds like we're all going to have fun on the G-F..LOL. Linda
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    Hello from Tennessee

    Hello Maggie, I'm Linda from Ky and good to meet you.. I was on GG ages ago it
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    Howdy from the corny state of Iowa

    Welcome GardenGodess Nice to meet you . Linda
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    Another Canadian

    Hi and welcome Smiley..Linda
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    Hello From Missouri!!!

    Welcome Kozy. from Ky..Linda
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    New Name Same Veg!

    WOW,, Debe,, better not miss any time on here .. Or you'll be trying to catch up on here,,lol.. Good to know ,, people do chat on here all day Sorry I missed out on all the fun..See ya'll tomorrow Have a great day..Linda
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    Greetings and Serenity

    Hello Whit,, I just joined yesterday, But feels like I've been here for awhile.. Nice to meet you. Will see you around on here. Linda
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    Hello from Ky.

    Hello garden guys and gals.. Sorry I couldn't get back sooner. Did most of my house work and washing today.. And my shows, NCIS, Mentalist,,and With Out A trace..Can't miss those shows tonight..But am here and hope there's a few out there surfing around here.. I know I will be, getting better...
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    Hello from oregon

    Hello Mel and welcome.. I was excited when Debe told me you had joined also. So good your here.. Linda
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    Another Canadian.......

    A welcome from I sure do like it here..Good to meet you. Linda
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    Hello from Ky.

    Hi all you crazy,, my kind of Got back late, So here I Bob, your so right on Debe's name.. Wow. Just think if you would have had a name like that in Oh you'd have been in trouble. Almost the whole ABC' Thank all of you for such...
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    Hello from Ky.

    Debe I might try and find a bigger picture later, It's one of my iries from Tx. Your so cute Hun,,So glad you e-mailed me about this club..Thanks again,,lol Got to get to town soon. So will look later.. Laurie, Hope your elbow gets better soon.. Work.. oh my,, whats that.. Do ya have to...
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    Hello from Ky.

    Hi Debe, we posted the same time. It's my avitar.. see I told you it was
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    Hello from Ky.

    Thank you Laurie,, And so nice meeting you . Debe, is a wonderful young Lady, And so glad she invited me here..Linda
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    Hello from Canada....

    Welcome Jules.. I was on the GG some, But can't remember what I called myself.. Maybe Bunchie.. Not for sure, Nice to meet you.Linda is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to