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  1. sfishergirl

    Have Rembrandt tulips

    OK all I have extra rembrandt tulips anyone want to trade for some liatris, lillies, and or alliums?
  2. sfishergirl


    Hey all this is my newest challenge. I am on attempt #2 having already killed 1 sinningia. So now I am asking does anyoneelse have a terrarium? How are you planting them etc. I am working on a milk botttle shaped glass container and using plastic wrap to seal it. I put in about 2" of river rock...
  3. sfishergirl

    Have extra Achimenes

    I bought a small ton of these and have extra if anyone is interested
  4. sfishergirl

    sempervivum help needed

    Hey we are starting to see the signs of our first frost looming. I am trying to get my drag it all in list ready. I have 2 semps that survived the neighbors dog a CV NOIR and COBWEB BUTTONS can anyone help me with a hardiness zone for either?
  5. sfishergirl


    Anyone here start these from seed? I have some seed onits way to me for white, red, and black poppies and need to know what works and doesn't for starting the seeds
  6. sfishergirl


    Has anyone ever propagated by cuttings? I have a huge tree on the side of the house but we can't see it I would like to make a few new ones for the other side of the house So I can enjoy them. I was just wondering how and if anyone has had any success with this
  7. sfishergirl

    Bill's Grass Garden

    Bill's Bday is tomarrow so I had it set in my head that his garden was going in the ground today. I tried walmart and the garden center no pandoras box daylily but I did find commander in chief lily so I changed the garden now along the back row is a perennial fountain grass - zebra grass -...
  8. sfishergirl

    Pandora's Box Daylily

    DOn't everyone laugh too hard but I need a source for these because :( I lost one in the move. I had 3 that I dug up and labeled and now that I am here I only have 2. I have rechecked everywhere and cannot find it anywhere.
  9. sfishergirl

    Siberian Iris needs a home

    I have a clump of these that needs a home let me know if there is anyone who can use them.
  10. sfishergirl

    Blue Sea Holly

    Does anyone grow this? I like the way it looks but want to know more about it. How does it perform? Is it easy to start from seeds? What other plants do you grow alongside it?
  11. sfishergirl

    garden projects

    I didn't quite know where to put this but I am starting some of my new garden projects and was wandering around the internet and I found site :eek: bad news for me because I now have more projects to try. ANyway the site is and they have the coolest garden projects and most...
  12. sfishergirl

    wanted sedum Autumn Joy

    hey all I am looking for some autumn joy sedum if anyone can help please let me know
  13. sfishergirl

    Help needed

    Hey all I have an idea and I need help. I have a new idea for a planting around my front porch but I need to find a source for Moonfire Dahlia I need 18 of them. Can anyone help me. The only source I can find so far is Canada and the company will not ship to the US
  14. sfishergirl

    African Milk Tree

    I have several large cuttings if anyone would be interested and of course a few smaller ones too.
  15. sfishergirl

    African violet help needed

    I need help with leaf rooting in water I have been using wheaton bitters bottles for this but I have run out of bottles and space. I really need ideas for something that can be hung in the window. Anyone have ideas.
  16. sfishergirl

    extra bulbs that need a home

    here is a list of extra bulbs that want some dirt to live in dutch master daffodil fortune daffodil mixed crocus ranunculus mied single freesia if anyone can use them let me know
  17. sfishergirl


    Does anyone do any aquascaping? My daughter brought home a goldfish from the fair last summer and it is slowing destroying the ecology of my fishtank. I HATE goldfish. I have to do a major overhaul on my tank now and I am thinking about planting it stead of gravel and plastic plants and...
  18. sfishergirl

    What kind of theme gardens does everyone have?

    This year I am starting a death garden my centerpiece plant will be voodoo lily and all of the plants around it will be black or red. I am also still working on my medicine wheel garden
  19. sfishergirl

    seeds I have way too many of

    Black hollyhock calendula Red hollyhock red morning glory zebrina malva I don't know if anyone can use any of these but thought I would offer them up
  20. sfishergirl

    Hello from Northern NY

    Hi all I just joined. I love my plants and my family tolerates them well. lol. My children have plants of their own and are starting to learn different ways of propagation. We currently landscape with houseplants and do alot of shade gardening especially native wood plants. We have been working... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to