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  1. Gloria

    Fig Bush

    Cooky, I live in South Carolina. The weather here is very close to what Florida has, very hot and humidity is awful! We have mild winters. Today was 80 degrees. Tomorrow the high will be in the 60's. It snows here about every 5 years and only a few inches and it's gone in the next 2 days if that...
  2. Gloria

    planting seeds

    I have tomato and pepper plants inside now. Our last frost date is March 28.
  3. Gloria


    Hi Aaron and welcome! I like some of these ideas I found online. I'll probably give a few of them a try. Check it out!
  4. Gloria

    Recipe 5 Minute Valentine’s Snack Mix

    That looks really tempting. 😍
  5. Gloria

    Fig Bush

    Can you believe, my fig bush has a fig already!! I'm schocked
  6. Gloria

    What's the weather in your area? 2021 Edition

    We have snow that sticks about every 3 or 4 years and then it don't last very long, couple of days and it's gone. The most I ever saw here was around 16 inches. I'm in South Carolina. We have long very hot summers and mild winters. I wouldn't mind a little snow instead of this rain we have right...
  7. Gloria

    Another Canuck in your midst!

    Welcome C.L. Glad to have you join us. There's a lot of good info here so sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy the read and please tell us about your gardening experiences too.
  8. Gloria

    SEEDLINGS ARE STARTED! Which way do you guys prefer? I have 3 ways here...

    You are right Don. I actually left them a little too long but I repotted them into deeper, single cups and they are looking great! Thanks. :)
  9. Gloria

    Fig Bush

    Hi Milafer, good luck with yours too. Do you have them planted already?
  10. Gloria

    Fig Bush

    Thanks for the info Ron. I have them potted and they are beginning to put on a leaf cluster in the top. So far they look good!
  11. Gloria

    Hello from Brooklyn

    Welcome!! I am so envious of all you've done, especially the gardens! You have really got it going on!
  12. Gloria

    SEEDLINGS ARE STARTED! Which way do you guys prefer? I have 3 ways here...

    I kinda do the second. I have tomatoes planted under a light now. I think I need to pot them now as they are getting too tall.
  13. Gloria

    Fig Bush

    Hey Ron! I think you may see me here more often now. :) I was told they are Common figs. It looks like March may be frost free for SC. Yes, I do need to get them potted ASAP. I'll try and do that tomorrow and just keep them inside for awhile. Long time ago I had a little one off my Mom's bush...
  14. Gloria

    Fig Bush

    My mom had fig bushes many years ago and I love figs. My hubby found small ones at Tractor supply and got me 2 of them. Anyone have any info on growing them?
  15. Gloria

    When fruits and veggies go rogue

    It will be white on the inside when ready. I'm still up in the air on this as all citrons I have ever seen had a smooth outside like a watermelon. Not my pic but this is what we had.
  16. Gloria

    When fruits and veggies go rogue

    I should have known that! It has been many years since I'd seen a citron! My Dad planted huge vegetable gardens and here and there a citron would grow. We didn't know where they came from! My mom said you could make preserves with them but she never bothered. They have no taste, at least not a...
  17. Gloria

    What's the weather in your area? 2021 Edition

    It has been hot in South Carolina so far this week. Temps in the 90's yesterday and today but a nice breeze is going on.
  18. Gloria

    What is your favorite flower, plant or tree?

    I love gardenias. They're so pretty and smell sooo good.
  19. Gloria

    You gonna start something?

    I did start something early and I'm going to spill the beans on him. I planted tomato seeds inside the first week of February. It was an experiment for me, just a box with soil, set up with good drainage under a light. Anyway, the middle of March the plants were beautiful and about 5 inches... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to