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  1. Gloria

    Fig Bush

    My mom had fig bushes many years ago and I love figs. My hubby found small ones at Tractor supply and got me 2 of them. Anyone have any info on growing them?
  2. Gloria

    Dahlia Seeds?

    The cold weather has killed my Dahlias and I need to start over. I haven't saved many seeds for the past couple years but I would gladly send postage if anyone has any seeds. If you have bulbs, I could trade white Iris fans...bulb for bulb. I do have seeds of: Red Texas Star Hibiscus...
  3. Gloria

    Homemade Greenhouse

    Ok, I know... this is a greenhorn greenhouse but it's a beginning. RJ and I are planning to start tomato seeds in here as well as a few other things.
  4. Gloria

    Help me identify please

    I found this bush growing in the edge of the woods by my house. I didn't plant it...I don't think!:o It has leaves similiar to a Butterfly bush but they seem to be slightly varigated. The flowers form a tower of three or four high, each growing from a stem from the center of the flower below...
  5. Gloria

    White Texas Star Hibiscus

    Anyone that's interested in the White Texas Star Hibiscus seeds, I have about 6 trades I'll send out for postage. Send me a stamped, self addressed envie and I'll get them right out to you. PM me for my addy if interested.
  6. Gloria

    Texas Star Hibiscus

    I've grown several red Texas Star Hibiscus and really enjoy their pretty blooms but I wanted a white one also. I have it now! It didn't bloom last year but it sure is making a show for me now.:D
  7. Gloria

    Desert Rose

    Back when there was that G-here forum.. a few of us had an addiction to adeniums and shared seeds and plants. I never had a lot of luck. I started over a dozen plants from seeds just to have them die. Well, I managed to save two and here is my very first bloom..I have waited soooo long for this!!!:D
  8. Gloria


    I helped my brother pickle 17 quarts of squash this week end. He likes my pickled squash so I thought it was time he learned to make his own. I use a recipe for bread and butter pickles and substitute the squash in place of cucumbers. Usually I can mine in pint jars but evidently he really likes...
  9. Gloria

    Need help identifying

    I have several of these trees but don't know what they are. The blooms don't last long, it's blooming now. There's no fruit or berries from the blooms. It has inch long, sharp thorns on the limbs. It puts out long roots close to the top of the ground from which new sprouts will grow. It sheds...
  10. Gloria

    My dog ..the stalker

    We have a hen with a single baby chick. My dog is infatuated with this chick to the point of stalking it. All day long she's following the hen and chick and hiding behind trees and bushes to get a closer look. Look close at the last 3 pics, you'll see her behind the bushes, first on one side...
  11. Gloria

    Iris are blooming

    Iris are favorites of mine in my gardens. Here's two of my blues and a white with yellow throat. More to come as they bloom.
  12. Gloria

    Flowers blooming already

    Great surprise this morning, I have 2 Irises blooming! :):)
  13. Gloria

    Amish Friendship Bread

    Has anyone ever made Amish Friendship bread? I was given a starter awhile back and baked a few loaves. It was delicious! I'll be doing another batch this Thursday. It's more like pound cake but sooo much better and very moist. I was curious as to how to start the starter so I did an internet...
  14. Gloria

    Interesting Ant Killer

    I recieved this info in and email today, I will definitely give it a try. Ants are a big problem for me, can't wait to see if it works! This is a new twist to killing fire ant colonies. For those not familiar with Walter Reeves, he is from the University of Georgia agriculture department...
  15. Gloria


    I love Camellias!! I only have a small pink bush but my brother has a large red one. Underneith his red one are two sprouts. Does anyone know when it would be the right time to dig a sprout? They are in full bloom now, it's the only outside bush that blooms in the winter here and I would love to...
  16. Gloria

    Growth already!

    Can you believe I have daffadils and snow drops shooting up already? They survived our latest cold snap of 18 to 21 degree weather. They're about 4 inches tall now. It maybe too soon as the cold is not gone by a long shot.
  17. Gloria

    Cleaning up for Spring

    In my area of SC the climate is a little different from the upstate, so in late January I start trimming trees and bushes before Spring brings out new growth. Anything I didn't trim in late Fall, gets a new cut now! Rose of Sharon, roses, hibiscus, hydrangia, grape vines, etc. Our temps are in...
  18. Gloria


    Somewhere on this site we discussed Mandevilla and overwintering this plant. Here's a site with some info on it. I have a red one that I just brought inside..I hope I can enjoy it again next Spring.
  19. Gloria

    Canning Recipes

    I ran across this canning site that was real interesting..thought I would share. It seems to have every canning recipe needed except what I was looking for. Does anyone have a canning recipe for green pears? My brother's tree was so loaded that the limb broke...
  20. Gloria

    Looking for a blackberry cobbler recipe

    I am in great need of a blackberry cobler recipe! My mom made a blackberry pie that was awesome, unforunately I never got her recipe. It was deep dish and the crust was much like dumpings. Hubby and I went blackberry hunting today and I was able to get about 2 quarts! I'll get more next week... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to