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    My 2010 flowers.

    Just beautiful! I love the Robin Hood Dahlia. I tried growing Dahlia's here, but they died, guess it was too hot.
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    What candies do you make?????

    If you dip peanut butter ritz bits in white chocolate, they are yummy too, and my favorite is to dip gummie bears or gummie worms in the white chocolate....very good!
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    Kraut & Beer Fudge Cake

    I have always heard about this cake, but never tried it. I heard it was awesome. I love chocolate cake.
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    Fried Chicken

    probably why it tastes so good.
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    Connie Mayer

    That is gorgeous! I had one I lost during Katrina, mine never got to bloom, so thank you for posting....very nice!
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    Connie Mayer

    I love my epies! There is a place that sells cuttings for these beautiful plants and sometimes has grab bags really cheap. I have ordered several times and they were beautiful cuttings. She is very nice and will help you with any questions. They have a page on growing them. Take a look. If...
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    Epsom Salts for plants

    I used to add a tablespoon in my canister on my hose along with miracle grow when I would water my plants, the colors were vibrant and they grew really well. maybe it was in my head, but I saw a difference. That was several years ago though.
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    Canning and freezing recipes

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    EZ pickles

    I found a recipe once that was "Kool Aide Pickles"...I thought they sounded gross and tried making them and honestly, I liked them. They say in the deep south, the children would buy them at local stores as a real teat. I used the cherry kool aide.
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    recycled lard/grease

    Ewwwhhh....smoked rat....*gag*. I just can't imagine.
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    Tell us how you save money!!!

    I clip alot from the internet. After printing, I back the page up, refresh and they print again. They allow you to print 2 times each coupon. I especially love the pet treat coupons as I get alot of them. And I so love th BOGO coupons.
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    Meet the Monkeyshines

    the river...geesh....
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    Meet the Monkeyshines

    hopped around like a rabbit......hey where did.....
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    Fried Chicken

    I found this recipe in a copykat cookbook someone sent me. KFC Original Fried Chicken 2−3 pounds cut−up chicken pieces 1 Quart Water 3 tablespoons Salt (for soaking) 1 cup milk 1 egg, beaten 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon Accent (MSG) 1 tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper Soybean Oil...
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    my photo of

    She is precious! She should be a model.
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    That turned out really cute! I was going to make a diaper cake for my daughter in law, but someone beat me to it. The things you can find on the internet is amazing. Glad she got lots of stuff, they will sure use it all. Where was all this kewl stuff when we were having babies?? LOL
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    EZ pickles

    I have the recipe for sweet pickles that are made with dill slices. Very easy to do and oh so good. A little sweet and a little sour. Very crunchy. The only thing is they are very addictive.
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    Tell us how you save money!!!

    I saved $78.28 with my coupons today! I loved it.
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    Welcome Randy

    Thank you Randy for my card and Christmas story. I think it has fast become my favorite part of christmas! You should write a book. Theresa
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    Welcome Randy

    Hi Randy! So good to see you!! *huggs* Theresa p.s. are you sending out your christmas story this year? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to