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  1. Mariposa

    What do you plant in containers?

    I have Hydrangeas, Irises, Roses, Clematis (3 different kinds) Morning Glories, Black Eyed Susan Vine, Mandevillas,Climbing Hydrangea,Bleeding Heart, Day Lilies, Shasta Daisies, Gaura, and Dahlias :)
  2. Mariposa

    Winter Sowing

    Question, If seeds fall naturally from my plants and grow the next year can I just sow seeds in the fall right in the ground and see how they do? Just Curious :)
  3. Mariposa

    Texas Star Hibiscus

    Gloria, Will you save me some seeds? I grew one from the seeds you gave me before brought it in the house but it didnt make it through the winter :(
  4. Mariposa

    My Babies

    The Rose is Rosa Multiflora it grows wild here in CT. Here is a link with info: In some states it is considered an invasive species.
  5. Mariposa

    My Babies

    The white one is a rose bush.The blooms are very tiny and fragrant. My cousin gave me a small piece last year and it did very well. I made 2 babies for my neighboor. It's a climber will do well on a trellis
  6. Mariposa

    My Babies

    Some of my flowers :)
  7. Mariposa

    The Garden took a whipping today

    We got hit with bad storms lightening and a Tornado in some parts of Connecticut some of my taller plants are on the groubd but damage was not too bad :)
  8. Mariposa

    My Flowers Are In Bloom :)

    Hi Everyone, The past few months have been hard. I had open heart surgery had to have surgery on my esophagus and parathyroid surgery. It seems like itis taking me forever to recuperate but I am haning in there. I posted an album with flowers in the album section.
  9. Mariposa

    My Flowers Are In Bloom :)

    Lupine Blooming :)
  10. Mariposa

    Daylilies Show me yours!

    Lillies One of my favorite Lillies :)
  11. Mariposa

    My Blooms

    It seems... That as time passes by the sea holly gets a glowing blue. :)
  12. Mariposa

    My Blooms

    The one in the middle is..... Eryngium also called Sea Holly.
  13. Mariposa

    My Blooms

    Some of my blooms :)
  14. Mariposa


    I think i'll use the pine cones and pepper. I am real upset because the person who owned the cat let it get infested with fleas and then dumped him outside. Now the cat is always in my yard in my flowers and I am not a cat lover. He sparays and poops in the yard. SIGH!!!! Thanks for all the...
  15. Mariposa


    There is a cat in the neighboorhood who has decided to use my Baby's Breath plant as a bed. What can I do to keep him out?
  16. Mariposa

    A Peony Question??

    Treva, Here is a link with alot of info :)
  17. Mariposa

    Thank You Myfedora :)

    For your generosity. My hens and chicks are home and safe :)
  18. Mariposa

    Looking for Hens and Chicks

    Thank you... I sent you a pm :)
  19. Mariposa

    Looking for Hens and Chicks

    Hi Everyone, Looking for Hens and Chicks for postage :)
  20. Mariposa

    Blackberry & Candy Lilies

    I usually take the seeds off mine and throw them right in the ground they come up though they don't bloom the first year :) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to