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    How do you cook skinless boneless chicken breasts?

    Chicken breast is my least favorite part of a chicken because it is so dry. But it is the best part of a chicken for making chicken salad. And a few other things. When I cook it for those things I use moisture with it, either boiled adding flavors to the water or cooked in a crock pot with...
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    Daily Missives

    The first polio vaccines I received were shots. Then the sugar cubes a few years after. I was born in 1950. I am older than dirt, too. Love my silver hair but avoid my mother in the mirror at all costs. I am going to 'steal' a couple of these to share on another site, if I may. (I'm actually...
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    Crock Pot Recipes

    I also love my crockpots. They are great for my cook ahead and freeze meals. You can toss a roast of any kind or chicken in there and season with onions or whatever you like. Cook for several hours. You have a great base for pulled pork or chicken or shredded beef for any such meal as you can...
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    Bush with red berries

    Pyracantha But I believe is isn't all that frost hardy. And the thorns put me off of using it for decor. Its name means fire thorn.
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    Worm castings

    There is good vermin and there is not so good vermin (I call the latter varmints). You have good vermin.
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    Worm castings

    They really need some paper or cardboard in there. They will eat it. That is why I said temporary until you can figure out something less tasty for them. Yes you can turn it once in a while but that is really not so necessary. I have a stock watering trough with my worms in it. It has one drain...
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    Worm castings

    Anything that will let excess water through should work temporarily. Coffee filters or dryer sheets (used). The weight of the damp bedding should hold them down enough. What type of bedding do you have in it? If your worms are happy they will stay put. If they aren't happy you will lose them...
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    Worm castings

    Here is a link for you to begin. This is my favorite because it is so fun as well as informative.
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    Worm castings

    I think of my worms as actual clean up tools for some ecology problems. They actually change the basic ingredients they ingest in their digestive process and 'clean up' some pollutants that would normally hang around for many years in landfills. Not plastics. It would be nice to find something...
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    Worm castings

    Yes, all of our newspapers and inks used must be organic and compostable by law here, now. The shiny inserts are not though. Phone books make good worm food as well. What kind of garbage bags are you shredding, Kale? Paper bags are good for the worms. I do not mash or do anything to my kitchen...
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    Bought New Succulents today

    Some of the succulents and cacti available at our Home Depot and Lowe's has the label info and some doesn't. I think it depends on which growers the batch comes from. Congrats on your haul. They will make a pretty planter.
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    Worm castings

    I started with ten red wigglers from a neighbor about 10 years ago. I tossed them into a watering trough With a lot of shredded paper. Don't forget the paper. They love your old junk mail and newspaper and cardboard and weeds, plant trimmings, etc. along with the kitchen scraps. Just no meat or...
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    Cheap Plant Markers

    And they will fade over time. They last a little longer if you coat them. I have blank plasticware of all kinds stuck in my soil. It all had sharpie names on them at one time. I keep them there so I at least know where the plants are if they are the type to disappear during a season.
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    HELP...I Need Your Ideas!

    I would go with a sago palm or two. There are a lot of small evergreen shrubs that will offer winter green interest: Lavender, I love the look of pittosporum tobira with the waxy green leaves (and the smell in bloom), A lot of colors in euonymous, Some ferns set off the jungle look well, Fatsia...
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    New Here But Not To Gardening

    Hi. One of the first things I liked about this site is that it is small enough that my name hadn't been used yet. Hello, I am Tina from southern California. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to