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    The best indoor plants for small spaces

    like my Cyclimun
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    How to Build a Raised Garden Bed With Legs?

    thanks I did one, reminds me to go check on the veggies , I put a top on it enjoyed thread and share.
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    Foxgloves are they:

    thank you seasons over for me on it
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    Duranta Erecta sky Flower

    Saved one dewdrop got a lot ofroot, should be strong to survive climate zone 10 here.
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    How to grow impatiens in pots

    are you asking how to grow them
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    vids said oh if a plastic tab goes through won't grow. well Plant is inside now it took off, knowing a two year cycle will be needed to see a pineapple shoot up. amazed with the growth and its in for the seasons
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    Duranta Erecta sky Flower

    I taken a few branches that broke, they taken and i cut down the shrub, taken away a lof ot overgrown root and replanted to a smaller pot, and in for the Seasons here. this year no growth was shown, will see how it holds inside over the next months to come
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    Myrtle Crepe

    Done away with the crepe, showed no growth this year at all, placed in canna lili that realy covered the area
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    what are the actual pickles used for the store brand?

    the season for me is nearing one lil murcher and that was it Lol
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    gnats your suggestions

    give up, thesesuckers just out live capt'n jacks chemical. I may just melt wax over the top ha ha ha of the potting mix and put a funnel hole with a plug to water now and then.
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    gnats your suggestions

    again another week has gone and got a fresh coat on.
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    gnats your suggestions

    ha ha ha a few days later gnats flying near, taken spray to it, lets see now
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    gnats your suggestions

    Update: a week later about, Cyclimen is strong holding its ground. rightnow nothing, time to give a spray of Capt'n jack in the Am of Sunday. again
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    gnats your suggestions

    thank you read that, keep dry, change ad potting mix etc.
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    gnats your suggestions

    thanks just picked up Capt'n jacks Neem Oil Phew. and new Mericle grown. sterilized it all. will see them flying around each week it will get a spray. and within two months they be G O N E !
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    Can someone help me with my rosemary?

    maybe tear out, start over, if its just a one or two.
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    Myrtle Crepe

    for those that
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    Myrtle Crepe

    We have/had a Myrtle crepe. well its leaves were less, looked like it was dying , did not bloom, so out it came, pulled up, replantingwith canna. and seedum. easiert otake care of
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    can pepper survive winter

    Update, the peppers that i saved, they are fruited, even the sweet tangerine one is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to