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  1. sunflower3

    Chocolate Mint is good in...?

    Article on
  2. sunflower3

    Help, Losing the War on Aphids :(

    we used sand on top of our plants dirt, you have to cover all the dirt. when they hatch they crawl out and get cut up and die. For the greenhouse I got a fungiside and sprayed.
  3. sunflower3

    Plant Id needed

    Thanks so much for the help. I have searched for days and couldn't find anything. It's good to know what you have. I putting it in my notebook now. Thanks again.
  4. sunflower3

    Plant Id needed

    I got this plant last year and tossed it on the ground it kept over the winter but I don't know what it is?? Any help would be wonderful, Thanks.
  5. sunflower3

    Wax Begonia plants

    did you get to check and see if you have begonias??
  6. sunflower3

    Wax Begonia plants

    Wonderful do you want some dahlia bulbs in exchange?? or postage money?? just let me know and thanks a bunch.
  7. sunflower3

    Wax Begonia plants

    I am looking for wax begonia plants small one if anyone has them. I have dahlia bulbs to trade for the plants. ( robin hood, ballerina, seduction,charlie 2,high flyer)
  8. sunflower3

    Anyone make tea with beebalm?

    I have tried it with bee balm and it was yucky, very bitter to me, didn't like it at all. I use my mint and lemon balm so much better. I even mix the two together and it's wonderful. Chocolate mint is good also.
  9. sunflower3

    Need Canning Help

    Did you remove air bubbles, I run a knife through mine and the bubbles come to the top and pop. That would be my thought is air in the jars.
  10. sunflower3

    Another Plant ID Thread

    Looks like oak leaf lettuce to me, but not sure. maybe it's Osaka Purple mustard?? Randy will be along, he's the plant expert and will tell you for sure what it is.
  11. sunflower3

    Hello, I am in dire need of help!

    don't panic, if you post pictures of the plant I'm sure we can help you identify them, there are really great people on this site and they are good at gardening, and they would love to help you so get some pictures and post them. OH! and welcome to the site. much love.
  12. sunflower3

    Crochet or Knitting

    Crabbergirl, glad the hats will work out for you. and they will make fine gifts, it's cool here today but not to bad.
  13. sunflower3

    Crochet or Knitting

    very nicely done Scotkat like the colors you used.
  14. sunflower3

    Crochet or Knitting

    MY Christmas Tree hat I just finished. Made it from my own pattern and now I'm checking pattern to make sure it comes out the same. Easy to do and only took me one day to crochet it.
  15. sunflower3

    Crochet or Knitting

    I knit and crochet both and love it, learned from my grandmother and aunts and Mom. I sell my items on my craft page.
  16. sunflower3

    does anyone have Hardy geranium

    I can't help you I only have the Mums you sent me. Which are doing quit well, thanks.
  17. sunflower3

    this years daylilies

    Here are a few of my lilies from this year.
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