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  1. Riseandrun

    Transplanting my vege plants ..... kind of late

    Greetings! Wondered how your transplanting went? Also what types of veggies you are planting? I’m surprised you didn’t see any change in the garden transplants after 6 weeks! I also am very high in clay. Where did you see your location as zone 7b? And what does that mean? I’m in N.Illinois...
  2. Riseandrun

    Green Beans!

    Greeting fellow gardening enthusiast! My first few posts on this forum were for help in determining how I could fix my soil. It’s ” off the charts” high for alkaline, and the water drainage test was a complete failure: dig a hole 12x12, fill with water, after draining, refill and note rate...
  3. Riseandrun

    Soil troubles

    Appreciate the response Ron. I’m going to try potted plants and see if I can find some veggies to grow that are less sun dependent. Nothing to aggressive..I’m also going to pursue building a better soil. I poured out the jar I did my soil test in and I think the majority of it could be silt? I...
  4. Riseandrun

    Soil troubles

    Greetings gardening enthusiasts! I decided last year I was going to try having a garden. It wasn’t the experience I was hoping for. Pathetic yields from everything I planted. The tomatoes were small, hardly any peppers, other than that I had a cucumber vine ( about the best yielding veggie in...
  5. Riseandrun

    Greetings from Northern Illinois

    I’m not new to gardening, just want to be more successful. The last few years I’ve attempted a garden and it’s been very lackluster. My searches on this site so far have been very informative. Thanks for having me! Kevin
  6. Riseandrun

    in need of a green thumb😂

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