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    How to Grow Edelweiss from Seeds

    The scientific name of Edelweiss is Leontopodium alpinum and the plant is a perennial flower that is native to the alpine regions of southern Europe. The plant is hardy in USDA zones four to seven. The Edelweiss is actually a protected flower in several countries including Germany, Switzerland...
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    How to grow English daisies from seed

    The English daisy scientific name is Bellis perennis and the plant has cheery flowers and edible leaves. Actually the plant serves a dual role in gardens as an ornamental plant and culinary herb. The English daisy thrives within USDA plant hardiness zones four to eight, where it will produce an...
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    How to grow evening primrose from seed

    The botanical name of common evening primrose is Oenothera biennis and the plant has plenty of admirers thanks to its beautiful and delicate appearance, however a lot people view the plant as an invasive and temperamental weed. The evening primrose is native to North America, the evening...
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    How to Propagate Asters

    Aster scientific name is Asteraceae, the plants are fall-blooming plants with daisy-like flowers in shades ranging from blue to pink to white. Aster plant propagation is not actually difficult. To read more visit
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    Growing lily of the valley in pots

    The botanical name of lily of the valley plant is Convallaria majalis. Growing lily of the valley in pots indoors is very possible. Lily of the valley plant is an herbaceous perennial, hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones three through eight, Lily of the valley plant grows from a rhizome, a...
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    How to Plant Fairy Fan Flowers

    There are a lot of scaevola varieties you can easily plant in your garden. Fan flower plant is not only better but excellent. The fan flower plant is native to Aussie and it produces pretty blossoms. Growing scaevola flower require warm, sunny conditions and good drainage and aeration. Fan...
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    How to Grow Five Spot from Seed

    The Five spot plants are also known as baby blue eyes; the plant is native to North American. The Five spot plant are annual plants develop into low growing plants adorned with white flowers whose petal tips have been dipped in bright blue. The Five spot plants are propagated by seed and will...
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    How to Care for Hardy Gloxinia

    The scientific name of hardy gloxinia is Incarvillea delavayi, also known as flowering fern but is not actually a fern. The plant actually earns the nickname for its deeply divided, fern-like leaves. The hardy gloxinia plants glow with pink, trumpet-shaped flowers from spring to late summer...
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    How to Grow Foamflower Plants

    If you are actually looking for a native plant for shady moist areas in the landscape you can try growing foamflower plant in the garden. The foamflower plant also known as Tiarella spp, actually produce fluffy, spring-time blooms, which accounts for their common name. The mounding evergreen...
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    How to Grow Forget-Me-Nots Indoors

    These plant known as Forget-me-nots are actually lovely plants with dainty, delicate blooms. The most popular varieties are the varieties with clear blue flowers, the white, and the soft pink forget-me-nots varieties are just as pretty. The Forget-me-nots plant can be grown as houseplant either...
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    How to Propagate Foxtail Lilies

    The scientific name of Foxtail lilies is Eremurus elwesii and the plant is also known as desert candles, the plants actually make stunning attractions in the garden. The plant has tapered spikes of yellow, orange, pink, or white flowers that can add interest to mixed beds and borders. The...
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    Tips on How to Grow Fried Egg Tree

    The botanical name of fried egg plant is Gordonia axillaris. As a gardener if you’re actually looking for something a little different to add to your garden you can try fried egg tree. The plant has a peculiar name and is very easy to care for. To read more about fried egg plant visit...
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    How to Grow Fuchsia from Seeds

    Actually, the Fuchsia genus contains roughly about one hundred species and one of the beautiful one is Fuchsia magellanica. The plant is hardy in USDA hardness plant zones six to nine. Growing the fuchsia plant from seed is quite simple. The fuchsia plant offers color from early summer until...
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    How to Care for Gardenias in Pots

    The Gardenias plants actually grow very well in pots or containers and they can add beauty and fragrance to a patio, front porch or terrace. The Gardenias plants are evergreen fragrant plants that are easy to grow outdoors in containers. The Gardenias plants are easy to care for and only require...
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    How to Grow Gaura from Seed

    The scientifically name of Gaura is Oenothera lindheimeri and the plant is a low-maintenance perennial plant that may give coneflower a run for its money in the cultivated wildflower popularity contest. The origin of the plant name comes from the Greek word gauros, which means superb. The Gaura...
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    How to Care for Gerbera Daisies Indoors

    The gerbera daisies plant is also known as Transvaal daisies or gerber daisies, the plants are attention-getters with showy, long-lasting blooms, short stems, and impressive, bright green foliage. The gerbera daisies plants are relatively simple to grow outdoors, but growing them indoors can be...
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    How to Grow Gilia Wildflowers

    The botanical name of the globe gilia plant is Gilia capitata and the plant is actually one of the country’s prettiest native wildflower plants. The plant has lacy green foliage, upright two to three foot stalks and round clusters of small, blue flowers. Actually, growing this wonderful plant in...
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    How to Care for Goats Beard

    The scientific name of the goat’s beard plant is Aruncus dioicus and the plant is a pretty plant with an unfortunate name. The goat’s beard plant is related to other common perennials we grow in the garden, such the meadowsweet and spirea shrub. The goat’s beard plant appearance is similar to...
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    How to Grow Goldenrod from Seed

    The goldenrod plants is one of the most welcome sights in the late-summer landscape, the plant has tall flower plumes blazing brightly like golden-yellow flames. The goldenrod plants have yet to gain the widespread acceptance it deserves in American gardens, this is actually because of the...
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    How to Grow Goldenseal from Seed

    The botanical name of Goldenseal is Hydrastis canadensis L. and the plant is a highly valued medicinal herb which has been collected from the forests in North America for hundreds of years. The plant is suitable for growing in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 to 8. To read more visit... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to