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    does anyone know the name of this plant?

    thank you crabbergirl and jade :)
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    does anyone know the name of this plant?

    these are pics of my cousin's plant that I look a clipping from and I dont know what they're called and I was wondering if anyone knew the name of it? and also I have a purple wandering jew plant and it looks like its dying and I was wondering if anyone knows what the requirements for a...
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    Plants CrabberGirl sent me!

    trax, those are really nice plants crabbergirl sent you I like the aloes and the palm and I also like the one that looks like a rat's tail cactus plant
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    I think my aloe vera plant is dying?

    I was always told to not water aloe plants alot like maybe once a month or every other month because they like the dry soil and I was told to give them alot of daylight/sunlight i might dry again with a new aloe plant
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    I think my aloe vera plant is dying?

    is there anyone that can help me with my aloe vera plant? thanks :)
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    I think my aloe vera plant is dying?

    I have an aloe vera plant and some of this leaves are brown at the base. mushy and turning brown and limp, how can I bring my aloe back to life? and does it sound like its dying? I dont wanna kill it or anything so I left it alone, I hardly ever water it and I keep it out of indirect sunlight i...
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    House Plants

    your houseplants look really nice and I wish my philodendra looked like that :)
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    heart-leaf philodendron clippings

    I have a heart-leaf philodendron plant and i took some clippings from it and put it in water and they have been in water for about 2 months now and I have them in my window seal where they gets lots of indirect sunlight/daylight and there still alive but there not growing and theres no roots at...
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    my rubber tree houseplant??

    hi everyone I'm having a problem with my rubber tree houseplant I got bought back in may, recently it has lost all of its leaves and it has no leaves at all and I think its starting to die and I was wondering if theres a way I can bring it back to life and get it to grow new leaves and also I...
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    my amaryllis bulb

    I wanna try fertilizing my bulb but I was wondering if Miracle gro liquid all purpose plant food (for all houseplants) good enough for the bulb? if so how much of it should I use and how much water? I believe the type is 8-7-6
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    my amaryllis bulb

    hi, I have the temperature in my room at 64-67, sometimes a little higher but I try to keep it somewhat warm in my room and I have it by a window so it gets alot of natural day light and some indirect sunlight and I was watering it once a week but on the directions of the bulb kit says to...
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    my amaryllis bulb

    my boyfriend bought me an amaryllis bulb kit in the beginning of december and I planted it right away and it was suppose to grow a stem and bloom before christmas and its february and all it grew was really tall leaves that are 27 inches tall and it doesnt have a stem or anything just really...
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    Vinca vine cuttings??

    I have some vinca vine cuttings that someone gave me and I've had them for a week so far and there in water and I was wondering if they will grow roots? I checked today and they havent grown any roots yet, and if they can grow roots in water how long will it take? heres a pic of a vinca...
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    my devil's ivy (pothos) has gnats

    I have a new devil's ivy plant and after a few days of having this plant I noticed it has gnats and I was wondering how can I get rid of them without killing the plant? any good home remedies I can try? I read on some websites that if I spray the plant with dish soap and water in a bottle that...
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    ABC Flower Game

    U- Umbrella plant
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    ABC Flower Game

    Q- quaker lady iris
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    Daylilies Show me yours!

    these are the flowers growing in my front yard/garden, I'm not sure if these are day lillies but they look like some kind of lilly :) what ever kind of flowers these are they are really pretty and they have been growing every summer for the past 2 summers we have lived here :)
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    trimming my spider plant?

    thank you :) well some of the stems have babies on them and some dont I was gonna just trim down the stems that dont have any babies on them because there kinda in the way :)
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    trimming my spider plant?

    I have 2 variegated spider plants that I just bought and combined them into one plant and they have these really long stems with little white flowers and I was wondering if I can trim those down some so they wont be so long and if I do trim them down will the plant still live and grow spider...
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    planting Freesia bulbs?

    hi everyone I live in Michigan and I just bought some freesia bulbs, and I was wondering if I can plant them in a container right now during this time of year or should I wait till september, october? and I was wondering if I can keep the container in the house for the winter and will they... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to