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    Wanted Yellow Cleome seeds

    Anyone know where I might get these?
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    Looking for Pride of Barbados

    Pride of Barbados I did get a yellow/orange one but still looking for the pink
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    Looking for Pride of Barbados

    Does anyone have seeds or plants they could share? I have seeds and plants to trade or pay postage.
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    yellow cassias plants

    Mine yellow cassias seeded everywhere so I have lots of little plants rooted and ready to go in the garden....would like to trade for other perennial plants....what would you like to trade. Thanks a bunch
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    Ground Cover to Share

    I have the dark green vinca vine with purple flowers and the varigated vinca with purple flowers. Both stay green all winter and blue through Spring. I'd like to trade for other perennials......not specific to these but would like pink balloon flowers, any dinner plate dahlia and any perennial...
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    creeping charlie

    Glad you found what you were looking for
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    creeping charlie

    At the local nursery yesterday I saw a pot of stuff I have and asked the lady what it was called and she said Swedish ivy or creeping charlie. It is a pretty green leaf and makes white flowers at times. It does make a very pretty baskey and I'd be happy to send you cuttings if that is the...
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    I dentify adeniums

    Does anyone know where I can find names and pictures of adeniums? I have several and I would like to see pictures of them.
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    Plant or cuttings HAVES AND WANTS

    That is fine. I'm in no hurry. We can't plant outside for probably 6 weeks. Yes it is red shrimp plant. I'll be happy to send it and the mosquito shoo geranium. I'll let you know when I mail them. Probably in a couple of weeks.
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    Plant or cuttings HAVES AND WANTS

    I have angel wing begonia - pink flower Clerodendrum ugandense - blue butterfly cigar plant - orange devils backbone - varigated duranta - purple hoya carnosa "crispa variegata" impatiens - mixed shrimp - red mosquito shoo geranium bromeliad - don't know name of it kalancho - red...
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    Shipping plants

    Mailing plants I have been mailing boxes of plants every week for the last several weeks and offer this suggestion. Be sure you do not wrap leaves along with the roots which are damp because the leaves will rot before they arrive. I put cuttings in wet paper towels in plastic baggies and...
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    Hello from Texas

    Love trading seeds and plants and glad to be part of your group. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to