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  1. Scarez

    Rose Hip's

    Hmm wonder if it really works
  2. Scarez


    I've got a pit started in my kitchen, and the root is about an inch long! Any ideas on how lon to wait before she needs soil?
  3. Scarez

    What do roses need to be healthy?

    Good morning everyone! I never realized I needed to sterilize my pruners before but wow it sure makes sense! Thanks. I prune my roses back 1/3 of their height in the late fall and once again in early spring. So far they are happy campers. I can't get rid of blackspot either, and that...
  4. Scarez

    Please pray for Randy

    Good Morning :) Randy I didnt know you wear a CPAP too. Leon is supposed to wear one, but acts like a toddler everytime I mention he should be using it! :p Curbie its after 4am, where are youuuu, lol
  5. Scarez

    My banana project

    this is a fabulous thread! Love the photos too. Now I'm wanting to find a banana pup too since I'm in Zone 7. Soooo pretty!
  6. Scarez

    Finally made it back......

    Womby!! Welcome back dood :p Good to see your posts again. Hope all is well down there
  7. Scarez

    OK I'm gonna take bets

    Will you share some pictures of your germination trials too? Please!!
  8. Scarez

    garden sayings

    In search of my mother’s garden I found my own – Alice Walker
  9. Scarez

    Fudge Recipes

    so, how do you make fudge in the winter if you need good weather?
  10. Scarez

    Fudge Recipes

    in the winter??? No wonder my last two batches went to mush
  11. Scarez

    Fudge Recipes

    that's the weirdest thing. On Monday, my fudge turns out great. On Wednesday it's just mush and doesn't set up..... ??? I'm so confused
  12. Scarez

    Fudge Recipes

    Randy, you're not helping me here babe :p I've tried the one you mentioned LP and can't seem to get it to set up like it "oughtta" ... I eventually gave up. Think I'll give Spidey's a shot. Velveta Cheese Fudge...????? Are you crazy woman?? :eek: Well heck, okay, I am... so spill :P...
  13. Scarez

    Fudge Recipes

    I'm wondering if anyone has some EASY recipes for fudge, especially made in the microwave. Since I can't do any canning now, and that cookie dough about killed my hands from stirring, I've got to feed my sweet tooth somehow! Can't have these hips shrinking now, right? :rolleyes:
  14. Scarez


    Thanks Randy :D I've got to make these soon, my sweet tooth is driving me crazy
  15. Scarez

    What do roses need to be healthy?

    What a wonderful idea! Now we're dealing with MY brain here... For example, here's whats happened lately. I draw myself a bath, even adding some vanilla bath salts. Sounds divine, smells divine. Should be really soothing to put these old achy muscles in some nice hot water.Then I go get...
  16. Scarez

    Anyone doing christmas crafts

    those are fabulous sunflower!! Especially the hand warmers :p
  17. Scarez


    and the sugar cookies somewhere sir? ... and the oatmeal raisin cookies somewhere, sir? ... (why am I hungry?) lol
  18. Scarez

    What do roses need to be healthy?

    How will I remember to give mine Epsom Salt?? I'm lucky I can find my car keys... :rolleyes:
  19. Scarez

    Rain barrels

    We don't need rain barrels here, that's true. Tho I'd love to have that extra water for my summer... there's the problem with mosquitoes and sitting water
  20. Scarez

    What do roses need to be healthy?

    my favs of the pics shown are GB's 4th of July rose and Spidy's "Mom's Flowers.007". So pretty. With my health issues taking over my life, my roses have all gone to pot. Some died when I was out of state, and the others all have black spot like mad :o is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to