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    Flowers are shrinking

    we bought Deplindenias, all I did was replant and the yare growing as norm, maybe cut back on the nutrients?
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    Name of this plant.

    try an app that allows oy to snap a photo thatwill iditify within minutes, if you need to know faster otherwise see who else chimes in
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    whats up Doc

    last year witnercame in this carrot started growing, then it got extremely cold a few times to kill all off but the carrot, and well Man this sucker was just to much, I was asked to pull it. and the dwaarf carrot lived up to its name Lol
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    How to Grow Chocolate Scented Daisy

    maybe one day you start doing vids
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    Pepper transplant

    as me Pepper plant went out last month and its got to, yes flowers ready to sprout pepper, and its to me amazing, even if no one is of interest. L I F E
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    started a seedum
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    What's the weather in your area? 2023 Edition

    weather is abnormal for sure. downstate what is snow LOL never had a year with no s n o w in all our Life. flakes do not count.
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    grow lite not like the store ones

    this is what I reviewed. hooked it to a powerbank will allow t orun a few hours the recharge, does a great job will help with the starter plants fr sure
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    planting seeds

    I planted seeds already indoors, tomatos are growing, by the time the yget up to being placed outside, it be that time to start the rest
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    Duranta Erecta sky Flower

    thank you.
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    solar irrigation drip

    I was lucky to review this and funny how the carrot survived you bet W i n t e r. this will work out fine for the back as well front, waters for three levels per 12 and or 24 hours just have water.
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    winter is nearing its over soon or is it

    so after I wrote this and told.... the radish sprouted a fast sprouter Lol, then that evening it must have grew. the next day today its a plant lol may do a timelapse the next time. We headed out and the stores now got spring in it be summer next week LOL Kidding.
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    winter is nearing its over soon or is it

    last fall, took the Red pepper in again, and changed out the potting soil, we have one pepper on it, 3rd year will be spring. I have a small pepper plant as well, also with a pepper on it, both doing fine, slow t ogrow, due to the cold winter, put a plant lite on most the time . I also...
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    Which plant is best for home indoor?

    African violets catcus Jade money tree
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    Seeds are in Home Depot

    walked int to Home Depot the other day and laid down on the tables ready to put up are the seeds. grabbed a few and gonna have some fun starting out. will see what sprouts
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    What interesting plants have you met?

    Bird of paradise, westcoast.
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    Pepper transplant

    we know you can bring in insects and all, so cleaned up and amazing how we got one fruit on her and on a small one on that,
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    winter update

    Pepper has started, lemon tree waiting this season see if it starts the flowering, cyclimen waiting apone the bloom, and the store to get another, had theseeds that started but did not make it pass a sprout, the African violet took off like no tomorrow healthy for sure, and started one...
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    What's the weather in your area? 2023 Edition

    I had my greenhouse doing well and that 10 degree days, was about 60 today Lol and all next week what crazy weather happy New Years ALL is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to