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  1. Melissa

    Winter Sowing

    So sorry Errol...just saw this...been MIA. I would get lots of sprouts in the 16 oz bottle but then found it was better to just plant the whole clump instead of trying to separate them....handling them seemed to injure the poor little babies. I began putting fewer seeds per bottle so now I put...
  2. Melissa

    How to make this forum grow?

    I was just lured back from a link Debe posted on FB. Happy I came :)
  3. Melissa

    Spring & Summer blooms

    Beautiful...I need to get me a winter home in Australia!! Thanks for sharing your lovelies :)
  4. Melissa

    Echinacea propagation.

    I have had quite a few of the different colored ones for a couple years. I have found that the plant gets bigger every year and produces a lot more flowers. The ones for two years ago are huge and gorgeous. The seeds so far have not produced anything but purple. I paid too much for them to...
  5. Melissa

    Winter Sowing

    You are a patient man :)
  6. Melissa

    Winter Sowing

    Here is my wintersowing...its begging to be planted
  7. Melissa

    does anyone have Hardy geranium

    I would trade you but it seems we have the same thing. I have a little bit of white mixed in with my bright pink...once it blooms will see if it has spread enough to trade if you would like...mine all came through trades so don't really have a name but can post pictures if you would like
  8. Melissa

    What did you buy this time?

    Great deal there Dawn...way to go!!! I believe you bought Astilbe last year also...looks like you are stuck on them like I am stuck on the columbine. Hope they all bloom beautifully for you!!
  9. Melissa

    Ohio Blooms

    Dawn, they are usually my favorite...have yet to get a good picture of them. The orange tulips are very large and then the double orange daffodils are spectacular and they smell wonderful...need to dig that grass out now and get ready for them next year...seems I put off taking a picture and...
  10. Melissa

    What did you buy this time?

    I got three new columbines and a couple first for the saxifraga...such a cute pixie plant!! Purple Robe Saxifraga Winky Red Columbine Winky Rose Columbine Blue Double Winky Columbine
  11. Melissa

    Ohio Blooms

    Here are my pitiful pink and purple fragrant tulips after the rain got done with them...they still smell good...excuse the hose and dandelions...can't blame the storm for them :)
  12. Melissa

    Ohio Blooms

    Orange favorite!! These are usually so pretty...have them planted around an elm tree...grass is growing in on them and they didn't bloom at the same time this year, then storm took out most of them...disappointed...there is always next year :)
  13. Melissa

    Ohio Blooms

    Couple more These were much prettier before the rain
  14. Melissa

    Ohio Blooms

    Here are some happy daffs...windstorms blew away most of the mulch and ripped up the antiweed frabric...but the daffs are still standing
  15. Melissa

    Getting close!

    Can't wait to see!!
  16. Melissa

    Anyone file their seeds?

    Hello, my name is Melissa and I am a seed filer :)
  17. Melissa

    oriental lilies

    In Ohio have some planted in full sun and some in partial shade. The ones in the sun seem happier...ones in partial shade have to stretch out toward the sun and have to stake them. Got some new ones last year and can hardly wait to smell them...I love their fragrance!!!
  18. Melissa

    2011 Bloom's

    OH...I remember moving the peonies...had to dig forever...hopefully your roots won't be as long as my peonies....thought I was going to end up in China!!
  19. Melissa

    Cape Lily

    Congrats Laurie...I always see their contests after they are!!
  20. Melissa


    What a lovely surprise!! I love the white Iris, its so pretty blowing in our constant breeze here. I have to stake mine. All the the Iris stand up on their own, but have to stake the white ones. Wanna try growing some from seed. If so, I will collect seed again this year. I have had really... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to