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  1. sunflower3

    Plant Id needed

    I got this plant last year and tossed it on the ground it kept over the winter but I don't know what it is?? Any help would be wonderful, Thanks.
  2. sunflower3

    Wax Begonia plants

    I am looking for wax begonia plants small one if anyone has them. I have dahlia bulbs to trade for the plants. ( robin hood, ballerina, seduction,charlie 2,high flyer)
  3. sunflower3

    Plant ID please??

    I need to know the name of this plant for a friend, thanks, karen.
  4. sunflower3

    What lily is this????

    a friend has it and can't remember what it is. I think it's a Lily??
  5. sunflower3

    What is this plant?

    This plant is growing outside our kitchen window. Does anyone know what it is??
  6. sunflower3

    Looking for MUM Plants

    If anyone has baby MUM plants I am looking for some. I can trade or pay postage if you have some please email me thanks.
  7. sunflower3

    Looking for Heliotrope

    If anyone has small plants or seeds please let me know I would like to get some of these for my Aunt she is looking for them and can't find any. Thanks Kare.
  8. sunflower3

    Zinnia seeds needed

    I'm looking for zinnia seeds in pink, violet or yellow. If you have some to trade let me know. I do have seeds to trade or can pay postage, thanks sunflower3
  9. sunflower3

    Need Help?? What is this??

    I got a few plants from Lowes and the leaves have these spots on them, what is it?? and can I fix it or what do I do to make them health again??
  10. sunflower3

    WANTED: Savory seed

    Does anyone have some savory seed?? I'd like to grow it this year in my herb garden, I can seeds stamps or trade I have a list of seeds for trade, thanks, Karen.
  11. sunflower3

    MY wants & haves list.

    Looking for plants of: Hybrid phlox- blue boy tenor Lily-pink stargazer daffodil- pink charm tulip- blue heron bachelor button black ball coneflower- coconut lime, twilight, tomato soup Geranium- dragon heart or rozanne Pink bee balm Seeds I would like; Black eyed susan vine or...
  12. sunflower3

    Nancy Bragg

    The Listria is on the way, dc#420258809101128882300252007573 enjoy and happy gardening, sunflower3
  13. sunflower3

    Pink Bee Balm??

    Does anyone have some Pink bee balm runners I could get, I would really like some and can trade or pay postage, thanks sunflower3
  14. sunflower3

    My 2010 flowers.

    robin hood dahlia Highflyer dahlia Exotic love lily Lily I got from fishenBC Pink Charm Lily from my daughter
  15. sunflower3

    tomato seeds I'm looking for.

    Black Russian tomato Lemon Boy yellow cherry tumbling tom yellow tomato I will trade or pay postage for these seeds.
  16. sunflower3

    looking for coral bell plants

    wondering if anyone has coral bell plants they would trade for postage or other plant that you might be looking for if I have it? Please let me know, thanks.
  17. sunflower3

    Need ID please??

    My aunt sent me this plant from NC and calls it touremia, but when I google it I can't find it. Does anyone know what it is so I can find out about the plant?? thanks before hand sunflower3.
  18. sunflower3


    MY business is really crapping out this year, people are not buying anything and I don't have a clue as what to do??? My prices are the same as last year and the plants are starting to rot in the planters. Something I have marked down but this no sales. And when someone does come for plants they...
  19. sunflower3

    becki25msmolly & Dor Cho Mint

    Your Chocolate mint is in the mail. I sent it yesterday first class so you should have it in few days, thanks Karen
  20. sunflower3

    looking for

    I'm looking for hollyhock plants and candytuft plants if anyone would like to trade or I can pay shipping, thanks, Karen. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to