Black Friday

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So who gets up and goes shopping on Black Friday? I have done it many times but there is nothing that I need this yr. I might go look at comforters but I don't think they will sell out so have until 10 to get there. Was thinking of getting a small digital camera but I'm going to wait as I hear electronics and cameras will be going down more closer to christmas. i don't have to have it now.


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Will do Bob and I'm sure others will do the same
Going to save it to my favorites so hopefully I will remember


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No I'm not going shopping on black friday.I worked at Wal-Mart for years.People fighting over on sale items.A lady hit one of my friends in the eye she had to go the hospital and the customer was arrested to many folks out trying to steal.And all these ladies who put their purse in the buggies and walk off you would be amazed.


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They just had on TV where people went inside the store, bought all the "specials" esp the computers...then went out into the parking lots, and resold them...

I wish they would have people in the parking lots to deter this from happening.....too many people dont have the money this season...let THEM reap the benifits of a sale..not the crooks !:mad:

I hope a lot of you were able to get some good deals...I will be out tomorrow with my son looking for new shoes, not looking forward to the crowds.


Guest thats why the traffic wasn't bad this are about 5-10 min. away from the Michigan border, and I see ALL the girls from the office have taken today off, and I bet they are taking up the deals on Black Friday...........I see "The Brick" ( furniture store) is trying a Red Friday here in Canada...........not sure that will take off or not........really, iI should have taken the day off myself..........:)


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I heard on the News this morning that a guy was trampled to death outside a store on Long Island NY, God that is so unbelievable. He fell and people stomped right over him.
I have never gone shopping on Black Friday, I don't care if merchants are giving the stuff away, it's just not worth the crowds.

Bob I am going to book mark your link for garden books.


I am sorry folks.... I have had my fill of black Friday.... it long ago became BLACK. Without getting preachy, we need to get a grip about what CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT IN THIS COUNTRY. As a population, we are amazingly stupid.... Go ahead and call me Scrooge if you want, it won't change me one bit!


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Love the Jacob Marley quote. I think if more businesses had this attitude our country wouldn't be looking at the financial mess it is in.

Dora/Garden Goddess


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I went shopping, but not because it was Black Friday. Around here Black Friday does not amount to much and you can't tell a difference in the amount of people at Walmart. I do most of my shopping via the internet anyway. I had to go get grain so I did all my town shopping that day.
I think it completely stupid the way people act about Black Friday. Christmas is not about the presents but that is about what people let it amount to any more.


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Yes indeed, it's up to each of us to take resposibility and not be swayed by the adverts, and gimmiks! We all need to turn our backs on the over commercialisation, the greed and keeping up with the Jones's. Teach our children what is really important! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to