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how do you get rid of dandilions? we have so many in our yard. and those little purple weeds to. we put down some of that scotts plus halts stuff in march and i think it made them even worst than last year. what do i do to get rid of them???


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Staff member
I agree on the scotts but then you need to do it at least twice. I don't like the chemicals so I pull by hand. I know it takes a long time but it is worth it. I spent what seems like a whole spring pulling the weeds in my backyard when I moved in this house, I still go out in the spring and pull weeds when I need to. They always come back. Getting your grass to grow in thickly helps to not give the weeds much room to start. Good luck and remember if all else fails. You can eat dandelion greens.


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We have gone natural on our lawns!
I do not treat the lawns with chemicals and do not fertilize it!
I have a good 1/2 of lawns and live by a lake so do not want to contaminate due to run-off!!
We now enjoy the splash of yellow in the spring, and then again in late summer!
During the the summer we enjoy the white clover!
In all, our lawns look healthier then lawns that have been sprayed and fertilized and are much more tolerant of drought conditions!


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Weed B Gone works well. I usually apply 1.5 to 2 times as much if they're really bad. I've been lucky and only have one or two popping up this year so I haven't put down any yet.

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