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Some of you will know me from other Garden Forums....
I'm Leaving it up to you if you can guess who I was...... But I'll give you a hint, I still have my Poinsettia Draven..... :D He's 6 Years old now!!!!



Super Moderator
Staff member
LOL! Prowl is a lot faster to type than the other one. Glad you made it here.


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Staff member
You're here now, and that is all that counts!
We have been having an aweful time with spammers until Bob (our fearless leader) changed the security settings!


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That's an unusal username. I was wondering why Ron had not zapped you...I too thought you were a spammer! LOL
Welcome to our garden, feel free to "prowl' around all you'd like.


Prowl/Poinsettia..........good to see another familair name.........:).welcome!


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Hi Prowl/Poinsettia
Glad to see you. I thought you had already joined here way back when it first opened.
How is Draven doing?
Hope to see you around more
No we won't ban you.!!! Your name did get my attn. cause of all the problems we have been having with spammers until Bob took care of it for us


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You see I am not the instant banner so I would have let you in, I'm so glad Bob fixed that. It would have been a tragedy if it had happened Welcome to our friendly forum


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I don't know what an autobot is, but that picture looks like something my grandson would do with Legos.


Staff member
Welcome aboard Prowl, glad you managed to not get zapped during the spam fest we were having recently. We try hard to make sure we don't get any legitimate members, but with a name like that you definitely showed up on the radar for a few of us.

I know what an autobot is... That's the old place where all the food was behind little glass doors. You'd put 50 cents in and get your roast beef. 25 cents more and you get mashed potatos. Then more for coffee and of course the pie at the end...

I only went to an Automat once as a very young kid, and even then they were pretty much all gone by that time. I think we visited the last one in Pittsburgh just so my grandmother could show me what they were before they all went away.

(I suspect the real old timers are all laughing by now, and the kids are going "what in the heck is he talking about!?!?!)

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