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I recently retired so am just getting back into gardening. I didn't have the time or energy while I was working. I got my gardening 'fix' running a floral shop while working. I have been a certified Master Gardener since 1999. I have set some ambitious goals for myself. I am slowly going to redo every flower garden I have. I want to plant more natives to attract and support wildlife. I also grow some of my own vegetables - a few at first, but more as time goes on. I am thrilled to be among plant people!


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Welcome to our forum Posie!
You sound very motivated...I like that as long as you have the energy to go along with that.
I find the older I get the less energy I have and need to pace myself, my main goal has been planting perennials that are not very demanding......daylilies and oriental, trumpet and asiatic lilies fit the bill for me! I add a few annuals just to fill in the gaps.
Been gardening for the past 40 years...so have accumulated a lot of knowledge on various styles and types of garden....I love collecting odd and unusual perennials so prefer an eclectic style!
Please post photos as you go along...

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