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This is my house. I am literally in the rainforest.
My house in the forest.jpg

As you can see the Guinea Grass has taken over the front, but I let it grow because the Spice birds come and eat the seeds.

I don't know what this flower is called.

big flower red1.jpg

I have been feeding the bush turkeys for years and now they come inside. They still scratch around in the yard looking for worms. But their diet now includes raison and seed bread and port and beef sausages.

turkeys at the windows.png

There are also bush fowl that come every day. They also eat what I throw out for the turkeys.

These are in the tree but normally they are on the ground.
bush fowl.jpg

I have a creek that runs through my place, under my house actually. Here is the waterfall that the builder created for me.

The creek attracts a lot of wildlife and I will be posting more soon.

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