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  1. Blueaussi

    Oh no

    Another victim of the economy, I guess.
  2. Blueaussi

    Repelling Squirrels?

    I don't know how a pole would keep him out of your strawberries, but my mother put a slinky over a shepherd's crook to discourage them from getting into a bird feeder. They eventually figured out how to get past the slinky, but it was pretty hilarious watching until they did.
  3. Blueaussi

    vine help

    Any chance you could make a picture? It's truly worth a thousand words in a situation like this. Could the lack of flowers or leaves at this point be because it's too early in the season? Would you mind posting your USDA Zone? It would give us a better idea of what grows and overwinters in...
  4. Blueaussi

    Robins nest ?

    Oh, you're going to get to watch the babies grow up! Please post any pictures you get.
  5. Blueaussi

    Sweet Shrub

    calycanthus floridus I love it!
  6. Blueaussi

    Mrs.hootie back

    I envy you so much! That is too cool!
  7. Blueaussi

    Some flowering stuff...

    Ok, geum, that gives me a place to start, thanks. I've already made one trip to the flower festival today to take some of my coworkers, and I'll go back tomorrow to shop more for myself.
  8. Blueaussi

    Some flowering stuff...

    What's the pinky red one in the first set of pictures? They're all pretty, but I like that one especially.
  9. Blueaussi

    Green Visitor

    I didn't know about the Cuban Rain Frogs! They can't have my squirrel tree frogs! This could be war if they spread further north! The pictures I'm googling up shows them as more brown than green, though. Do you know of any good sites? Gotta start guarding my loverly tree frogs now.
  10. Blueaussi

    a good companion flower

    What about some thyme to go with the lavender? Some varieties have very ornamental pink flowers, and you could use it for cooking.
  11. Blueaussi

    living wreath

    Oh, take pictures if you do, I would love to see it.
  12. Blueaussi

    Green Visitor cute! It looks like a squirrel tree frog or a green tree frog. I just love the little goobers. You can listen to the calls on that web site and figure out which one it is, if you're...
  13. Blueaussi

    Tulipaloosa 2010

    Oh, I envy you. Tulips don't do so well around here. Yours are lovely!
  14. Blueaussi

    ground cover help!!!!!!!!

    The problem is that there is a very fine line between a fast growing ground cover and an invasive ground cover. Vinca does spread quickly and there are some really nice variegated varieties on the market, too. However, my siblings and I spent a large part of our youth pulling vinca or periwinkle...
  15. Blueaussi

    Amount of loam for raised beds

    I find all those loam calculators confusing, too; but I wanted to welcome you to the group! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to