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Hello, I'm a retired woman in US who loves succulents, and writes what I know about succulents on my website - plantsucculents.com
Hi. I guess you're a settled in member here. Please tell me if i'm in the wrong place with my question below.
Hello. I'm new here. I'm 75, female and have a decent sized ornamental garden in Northumberland, UK. My first issue is learning to navigate this forum ;)
Hi, friends I am new please follow my profile and ask me anything about gardening. Thank You.
Really, anything ? Well, here I go. I have four compost bins which I try to rotate. I've got a bunker full of gorgeous, soft, loamy stuff. The problem is it's full of dormant seeds, which are a problem. Whenever I use the stuff, the weeds come up thick and fast. I know I can sterilize small amounts in a microwave, but I'm talking about large-ish quantities. Any suggestions?

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