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image0.jpeg Waxleaf Privet Hedge

image0.jpeg Waxleaf Privet Hedge

Great privacy wall between happy Nabors,
I'm no longer performing my own lawn and garden maintenance. I think after my face is planted itself on the concrete in my driveway, fixed my yard working days. I did this while removing fallen branches. Similar Live Oaks likes these 23-fully grown that we have as now scrub oaks. (No Scrub oaks) These Oak trees are about 85 feet tall. Many older oak trees like these were used in the 1800s and 1900s to build Ships, homes, and more. Take from Saint Simmons Island our live oaks were used to build the still active warship in Boston "Old Ironside" So of late I've been working on a 10-page report for my Lawn maintenance crews. Helped me with my very broken Spanish-speaking work teams. As it kills me to see my Azalea all cut lying with nothing to show for the plant's hard work. Soon I'm jumping into my 80s and after that, the Lord only knows if I'll be creating instructions for my headstone caretakers as well. ha-ha.

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