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  • IMG_1874.JPG Unknown
    It is not an orchid but an iris :)
  • image0.jpeg Waxleaf Privet Hedge
    I'm no longer performing my own lawn and garden maintenance. I think after my face is planted itself on the concrete in my driveway, fixed my yard working days. I did this while removing fallen branches. Similar Live Oaks likes these 23-fully grown that we have as now scrub oaks. (No Scrub oaks)...
  • sandhill1
    Love, them Sandhill Crains, mate for life and grow from four to five feet tall. Will have one or two offspring. We have many in the Sunshine State on Florida's west coast. Mostly when in flight they will call out as if to wait for a return from others on the ground. Like your SOUND Click...
  • Great Blue Heron
    Love, the Great Blue Heron, and here in the Sunshine State of Florida, we do have a few. I can once recall having dinner with my wife. This Great Blue Heron was drying its wings off in the summer breeze, coming in from across the large pond. It is called Lake Morton in Lakeland, Florida where we...
  • Alliumn 1
    Thanks can you also take a photo of the leaf below? I'm not sure the ground cover here matches this Flower. Thanks

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