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Hello Everyone!

First post here, looking for help regarding a few of my blueberry bushes. Rookie gardeners, please go easy on us.

(Background) The bushes are northern highbush, about two years old, purchased from fast growing We planted them two years ago with a mix of compost, organic soil and peet moss. We have a fabric ground cloth covering much of the ground where they’re planted to keep weeds down and with 2-3” of hemlock mulch to keep in moisture. They have wintered just fine in our zone 5b. I read somewhere that these young plants shouldn’t be fertilized right away so we have been waiting. We have a 4-3-6 fertilizer that I’m planning to put down soon. We have not done a soil test either.

(The problem) The leaves have started to turn red with little black spots on the leaves. it’s July and I’m guessing they shouldn’t be red right now. I dont know if it’s pests/disease/malnutrition. Any and all advice would be great. Thank you all for your time.


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