Hello from an Agave Nerd!

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Hello! I live here in Las Vegas, right in the heart of the habitat for my favorite, and the most cold hardy agave, agave uthahensis. I'm also a photographer, so I take a ton of pictures when I go visit these amazing plants in person.





You can see more on my Instagram: http://instagram.com/mojave.lv. I also grow agave utahensis var nevadensis and var eborispina from seed and release a very limited amount of plants and seeds for sale on via my mailing list on my site: http://mojave.lv

I'm a huge nerd about utahensis, and I'd love to answer any questions anybody might have about it. Thank you and I look forward to participating here!


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I want to join your group on the forum. Because I like to share ideas with several people.
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