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The botanical name of Himalayan blue poppy is Meconopsis spp. The plant actually hails from the cool, sloping woodlands of China. Most gardeners in USDA hardiness zones five to seven can kick off their summers in view of its brilliant blue bloom. To read more visit


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Meconopsis spp. is the scientific name for the Himalayan blue poppy. The plant originally came from China's cool, sloping woodlands. With its brilliant blue bloom, the majority of gardeners in USDA hardiness zones five to seven can start their summers. To learn more, go to
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  1. Select Your Cultivar. Not all 80 species of Meconopsis produce blue flowers, and not all reproduce by seed. ...
  2. Time Germination Carefully.
  3. Create Your Planting Mixture.
  4. Sow Your Blue Poppies Seeds.
  5. Tend Your Nursery.
  6. Transplant Your Seedlings.
  7. Nurture Young Plants.
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