Mistletoe growing conditions

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The Mistletoe plant itself is an evergreen with many translucent white berries. It actually grows on host plants and it has a definite preference for certain species. Mistletoe plant can be grown indoors on a small tree or outside on an established nurse plant.
Mistletoe plant is actually a parasitic plant that lives off another tree. Its favorite hosts are hawthorn, lime, apple, poplar, and conifers. Mistletoe plant bear seeds inside the berries. Mistletoe plants are best planted when they are fresh and they are harvested between March and April. You can check their preferred host trees for caches of the berries. Also you will really need a host plant for the seeds to germinate and grow upon. Growing the mistletoe plant indoors will actually require a small potted tree for the seeds to latch onto. Orchard apples are really perfect for mistletoe growing and may be seeded. The parasitic nature of the mistletoe plant really means it will take nutrients and moisture from the host, so be cautious which plants you choose to seed.

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