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We came to the Sunshine State of Florida's west coast in 1957. I'm fully in zone 9b. Mother loved her flowers Gardenia tree which lived under a large Live Oak. Before Air Conditioners came to Florida. Mom would roll open the Jalousie windows on the back Florida Room or Porch as some would say. During the cool of the evening night air was the most pleasant scent, of the Gardenia's filling our home. Mom learned she had a green thumb and grew many flowering plants. RED ROSES was her favorite (a story for another time) I got into planting and not by want, but more to help mom move dirt as I was the best for getting it all over me anyway, Baseball, Golf, and too many others to name. I married a Florida Farmer's daughter one could say and learned a lot in my off time of mending fences, hanging cattle gates by myself, driving farm equipment, and learning about Earth Boxes, which my wife shared, with three small girls in our neighborhood, who were friends, of our daughter. Each one was given their own Earth Box.

Funny how life changes when one daughter runs off to college and you're left with an almost empty home. I have an extensive list of Flowers that I love. As for my coming into this forum, I was looking for some do's and don'ts. To help in my Landscaping. A brief overview of my years in a garden setting, I have built many helpful things for my wife in her gardens over the years together. As we are both close to our eighties, I've become pickier. I hope with a good sense of humor.
I thought you would enjoy a photo unrelated to Gardening, but are they? Did you know that Florida has 1000s of folks who live on Boats and have their onboard gardens? They are called "Liveaboards" and many have a wide background in work activities on land. If you recall the TV show Miami Vice, Crockett was a Liveaboard.
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