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Good Morning fellow Gardeners
I’m new here and joined mainly to ask if others have seen this over winter, and if I need to be concerned at all. I live in a high desert in Fountain, Colorado growing zone 6, with very long, cold winters and never have I seen plants still green after many snowfalls (one a foot high!). My yard is south facing and is well mulched. However, my cilantro is not mulched and still growing. I also saw mating Japanese beetles and ladybugs running around far from my house under a lilac bush. The photos are hollyhocks, honeysuckle, cilantro and roses. All 4 rose bushes have lush green leaves at the tops of them. Weird or normal? Thank you!

I guess I’ll add that although it’s been mainly vegetable gardening I’ve done since 2007, I started adding plants trees and flowers starting 2-3 years ago. My onions grow tall and green all winter but that was ever it. Last year I don’t recall leaves on my roses. The tiny baby mystery bush in the photo from Arbor Day is still fully leaved and not going dormant. It’s just so weird because baby anything in Colorado not only goes dormant but dies easily trying to get established at the least, not thrive through winter 😅.


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