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5) 1x4x6 pressure treated (cedar, is your option),
4) 2x4x8 pressure treated
4) 2x2x36 pressure treated
1 box exterior 2 in screws
Plastic bag, fabric etc.
Potting Mix, your choice

Tools: everyone has tools, and what they have, you make the best of use out of it, the basics you will need;

extension cord, a measuring tape. square, etc..

Many videos demonstrate each one's designs, for their needs. I chose to take a few that i saw and put into good use and place into a Video HowTo on here when i complete, the interest is so overwhelming that the topic will hardly get answered, and at least if I did the job, helped one out and was helpful, that means my job is done.

I chose to do a Two foot, by Four foot at 3 feet height, and that increases the cost of the project, and also lowers it by excluding what others think is the best for them, to share to you with Chicken mesh to boards placed elongated. rather than using 4x4 as legs that will take away the landscape of the bed, 2x4 will increase it, and as well allow for a shelf under and that was not part of the design but soon will be. if the bottom is to be added on
simply add in 2x2, and 1x8 boards, a few screws. and done.

Soon to add video:

thank you for viewing


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I had a great time building this, I may want to do replace my whiskey Barrel and other planters wit ha lower one and less width, so some thought will go into this again

40 inch L X 22 inch Wide X 20 or so height, and maybe make a 2nd tier at 1 foot center is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to