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Greetings….new to the forum.
My name is Sandy, I am in the process of propagating 15 cuttings from a bougainvillea, that I intend to plant along one side of my property (along a fence)
I have started the cuttings in small pots using equal parts: washed sand, peat moss and vermiculite.
The cuttings are doing extremely well after about a month. I have each pot in an opaque produce bag from the supermarket, that recreates a small greenhouse.
My question to the experts, is as I begin to re-pot into larger vessels or pots, what medium should I use?
Should I use a regular commercial potting mix, like miracle grow? Or something else?
I want to re-pot in order to grow the cuttings to the point I won’t have to worry once I put them in the ground.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.!
Hi Sandy....since you are doing well with the cuttings, you can add a commercial triple mix to your potting mix as you repot to larger pots.
Let us know how it would be great!

Yes, this forum is not very active as it was before facebook sucked the life out of it.....I drop in a few times a day to clear out any spam and answer questions that require good advice...or solutions to problems...
Fishy, there is a lot of excellent information accumulated here, and our intentions are to keep this forum going.....
Thank you. We use Vigero I also mix it with what Miracal grow At the Height of the Season the larger bags are no longer, thank you for letting us know the sites info is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to