What are those white spots on all my balcony plants?

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Hello! I'm wondering why all the plants in my balcony flowerbed look like they do on the photos I'm attaching... They all have those tiny white spots all over. I'm sure it's some sort of disease or fungus because it's happening on all 3 kinds of plants I have there. And I guess one of them passed it on to the others, because there are no other plants near them (not mine or my neighbours'). But sure enough, now all of them look the same. First it was one, the Dear William pictured, then the rosemary, and so on. They seem healthy enough (or healthy-ish) aside from the spots, but obviously this isn't normal. I'm afraid whatever it is might keep on getting worse and end up killing them and even spreading to other plants I have inside my apartment (that are completely fine up to now).

I'm currently living in Spain and it's the driest place I've ever been in. So any smattering of rain or sprinkle of water on the leaves dries completely in a matter of minutes. So can it really be fungus if it doesn't stay humid? On the other hand, maybe it has something to do with the heat? My balcony faces NNW, so they do get a bit of sun around the evenings. I never water when the sun is on them or it's too hot outside. They've been getting regular water this month that it's been REALLY hot. But now I'm laying off a bit.

Thanks in advance for any input! 🙏


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Hello Xabori.
Good case of spider mites....there are 1,200 species of them...
There are a few miticides available to kill and control them....but a home made solution works just a s well....you will need a spray bottle, fill with warm water...add a few drops of liquid dish soap and a few drops of olive oil. Shake well.
Remove all dead parts of the plants such as spent blooms.... dispose off safely so you do not spread the mites around...wash hands and tools.
Spray all parts of the plants....tops and underside of the foliage, and stems. You may need to reapply a few times before to make sure you got them all...


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So I tried the homemade remedy you mentioned: adding some drops of diswashing-liquid as well as some drops of olive oil to some water and then spraying my plants. I did this twice. But it seems my plants haven't liked that at all! (Or perhaps it's just been a case of terrible coincidence!) As you can see from my current photos, now they look even worse than before... and they even look pissed off, hahaha. The smaller plants that were just growing in clearly hated the dishwashing-liquid-and-olive-oil concoction. What can I do now? 😥
Is this still the mites or is it the kind of dishwashing liquid I used? Or is it something else?
P.S. If you notice in the first photo at least you can see that the rosemary now has black spots. The other plants don't have them.


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