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    My fun Things

    How Cute. I bet there is a big market for them
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    My fish pond...

    I am off to find you on face Book I will send you a friend invite from Sharon Sullivan
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    Re-Landscaping Neglected Gardens on the North Shore of Lake Erie

    Oh Ron everything looks great, it must be wonderful reclaiming your home of many years
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    My dog ..the stalker

    He wants to meet the new chick in the neighborhood hahahah
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    living wreath

    KyaD I have made them when I worked as a florist. I don't think I would use the sedum in it as they get to big. small flowing compact plants are the best.
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    Display of Wild Iris

    Blue Iris Heaven !!
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    ground cover help!!!!!!!!

    There are a lot of fast growing ground covers for your hill. Vinca vines do well on a slope you could add in some hostas as they look nice on a slope and after a couple of years of growth you can split each hosta plant in 4 and spread them out on the slope. The vincas vines can be rooted along...
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    Purple Wisteria

    I love Wisteria , I wish it would bloom longer then it does.
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    Happy Easter Everyone!!!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter Celebration!!!
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    Since I can't paint the fence....

    it is looking good , keep up the good work
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    My Weekend Project

    Lynn it looks great.
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    Green house

    That is a nice Greenhouse GardenBear. I have looked at them and thought they would be great. I hope you catus grow good in it.
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    The alleyway.... big project

    Blue that was a lot of work. Did youcut the Lilac bush out or are you going to let it regrow again?
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    Damaged pots

    I have read that if you have to leave your clay pots outside for the winter you should lay them on thier sides as they wont crack that way. Sorry your pots took such a beating this winter. If you have a Christmas tree store in your area they are having a big sale on Fiber Clay planters 13",15"...
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    Show your Garden from start to finish(Spring to Fall)

    Crabber that's what we want to see, from bad to beautiful lol is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to