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    lawns, a love hate relationship

    Thanks for the kind words Ron. Actually we are cutting down on the amount of lawns that we mow as well as some of the flower gardening.
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    lawns, a love hate relationship

    Thanks Lady Chatty. Of course, you know me, I have a story to tell about MG's reaction when the gazebo was delivered......lumber only, it had to be put together......LOL! Yes, she does love her gazebo.
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    Duz getting two new hips in the last six years count as "preserving"? If so than ya can count my orthopedic surgeon in as a "yes".........:)
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    lawns, a love hate relationship

    My wife and I both mow. She uses the rider and I do the edges with the walk behind. However it is best that we do not mow the same part of the lawn at the same time. My organized mind cannat watch her mow and the "unpatterns" she sometimes reverts to using. I can only stand to watch it for...
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    lawns, a love hate relationship

    We are rural here with 25.5 acres for property. Of course that isn't all in turfgrass, but we do have a large lawn area. While it is maintained as lawn area it isn't the focal point of my gardening efforts. To me the purpose of the lawn is to serve as a backdrop or perhaps better put, an area...
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    Raised veggie beds

    My entire veggie garden, about 20yds x 10yds is raised with RR ties. The gentle slope of the land in our backyard allows for this and I do like it. I built mine almost 20 yrs. ago.
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    Flower Gardens and Lawns.

    I used to video tape my gardens in the early autumn. Walking around the yard with camera in hand I would tape each bed (I'm a big fan of raised beds using rocks) I'd comment about changes I wanted to make for the next year along with reminders about care. During the winter I'd play the tape...
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    Which perennials and why

    Why do you plant perennials? I garden therefore I am. Perennials add so much variety, texture, and color to a garden. They open up far more options than do annuals. Do you prefer natives or exotics? Yes Do you plant formal beds or more natural? Natural Do you have favorites...
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    HI Ya'll from Western KY/Zone 6

    Hello Lady PL it's nice to see you again.
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    Howdy from wintery Michigan

    Hello Ron! I up the Big Pond from you in Manistee County. I took a look at your website and biography and see that you were born near Dorr, MI. My mother was born on a farm just east of North Dorr. It was her grandparent's (Weidenfeller). We had an uncle and aunt that lived about a 1/4...
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    New and old member

    Ahhh! The Fair Lady ((((((Robin))))) has joined us. I trust that all is well on your slice of the planet. I've been busy lately with Ol' Red and I trust The Green Hornet has been in action as well.
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    Hi there everybody

    Yes, I hear from PacStar still through my What Whit Has Learned and her responses to some of those musings. She's a good gal.
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    Hi there everybody

    Ahhh! Lady MK!
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    Hi there everybody

    It's good to "see" you again my friend. I trust that all is well on your slice of the planet.
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    Hi there everybody

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