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    Tomato seedlings purple/yellow

    Hello, My tomato seedlings are about 3 weeks old. They were looking great until about a week ago. They started to turn purple and droop a little. The first leaves are turning yellow already. Should I be worried? Anything I should change? Here are some details about them… Burpee organic potting...
  2. P

    ID Shrub and is it sunburned

    I’ve had these since I’ve moved to current house six years ago. Do not know how old they are. We removed a tree from nearby a couple months ago. I’m wondering if this one shrub turning yellow and orange is sunburned. Also what are they? See purple berries.
  3. N

    Purple foliage

    Hi! I am looking to plant something in my garden (Coastal, San Diego) with something with purple (not black or red) foliage that would be close to the ground (below 2 feet). We would like something that stays purple most of the year, perennial preferred, is easy to grow, and not poisonous to...

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