A few questions from a newbie container gardener

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Hi Everyone-
My backyard is completely shaded, so I am going to use containers (Smart Pots) to grow my vegetables on my [much sunnier] porch.

A few questions:

1) I know I'm supposed to use potting soil in containers, does anyone have any recommendations on a particular brand they have had success with? I've read good reviews for Scott's Miracle Grow potting soil-any experiences?

2) Any recommendations of what particular container works best for strawberries?

3) Any tips in general for a newbie container gardener?

Thanks for any advice!
I use miracle grow mixed with dirt in mine and my plants grow very nicely.
as for strawberries a old tire would make a wonderful planter for them, and last for ever. In high winds and bad storms I put my plants under shelter if they are tall like tomatos, so they don't brake off, small plants are usually all right. I like container gardening as you can move them all over the yard, one year I had dahlias in pots and kept moving them all over hubby liked that. use stakes for tall plants to support them, be sure to water but not over water, and give them sun and love and you should do just fine.
And WELCOME to the site, asking questions is good, I'm sure others will be on to help you out too, so enjoy our site and Happy Gardening. : )
Welcome swkr. Scotts is a good potting soil so I think it will work fine for you. Containers for strawberries..just about any container will do. Just make sure you have plenty of room for the roots, you don't want them to be crowded. I plant in odd containers sometimes..what ever is handy. Old tea pots, brass containers, to name a couple. I poke a few drainage holes in the bottom and plant my plants. Good luck with your gardening and keep us informed.
Hi and Welcome!
First do you want to maintain an organic garden? Just wondering.
I actually make my own compost potting soil . You can also use any composted mix commercially produced such as black cow. It is ready to plant in and has a great succes rate and is a litttle cheaper than some "potting" soils.
Thanks for all the welcomes and information!

I eventually would like to have an organic garden, but I think I just want to get down the basics first, then advance to organic gardening.

I think I will go with Scotts potting soil.

I will definitely stay posted with my garden's progress :)

Thanks again!

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