A propagation tale

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I placed a picture of a rose in the gallery this morning. There is an unbelieveable story connected to this rose but it's way too long to post in this forum. A "friend" at the time, Louise, and I were driving through town and saw this rose blooming like crazy on the side of the road from the edge of the woods. I got on the internet looking for propagation techniques and found the "baggie method", which seemed to be the easiest option. The end result is the rose you see in the picture gallery. I gave it to my neighbor after it was ready to be potted up. It's the only rose I have ever tried to propagate. It has no disease or pest problems. It grows tremendously long canes. The blooms are a very pale pink. It is covered with blooms right now but will bloom sporadically over the next month or so. I would guess that we took the cuttings back in 2000/2001. It's now at least 4-5 feet wide and probably 4 feet tall. My neigbor just wraps the long canes in a sort of circle. It's on a small trellis but I think the canes are just supporting themselves at this point. Any suggestions as to what rose this is?
I don't know what it is Palmettogal but it is one of the prettiest roses I have even seen.
Climbing Golden Showers? :D Simply Gorgeous!

Is it fragrant?


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