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I received Delphinium seeds and wintersowed them last winter. This is what I got. Its really pretty but doesn't look like any of my other Delphinium. Someone at work said it looked a bit like Larkspur. Any suggestions?



It could be Delphinium 'Butterfly Blue'. There are a lot of new dwarf Delphiniums out there. They aren't as hardy as the taller ones, but they are pretty. Larkspur and Delphinium are related.
You might know what it is if it doesn't come back next year unless it reseeds itself. I know that the Larkspurs are known for that. Type in Delphinium 'Butterfly Blue' in your search engine and see if it looks like yours.
By George it is Butterfly Blue Delphinium....looks just like it right down to the whispy leaves. This is the second year for it...I wintersowed it last year and when it bloomed just figured it was small because it was young. This is its second year and it is still dainty. Not only did it come back this spread....I only had one last year this year I have at least four. Thanks Jade!!
The intensity of the blue has made that one one of my favs. I need to remember to get some of them for my new beds. I did try them in Ontario, but they weren't hardy enough.
Get with me this fall and maybe I will have seeds to share. A friend started the smelly melly thing because I am Melissa....aka Mel....he said I always smelled nice hence the Smelly Melly. Dizzy says I smell of garbage...hence the smelly!! I love love love to smell the flowers so I kept the name Smelly Melly. So there you go...the history of Smelly Melly...LOL!!
It's a Regal Larkspur!
It is an annual, though I do occasionally have seedlings winter over, which bloomed earlier then newly sown seeds.
Let it go to seed and scatter the seeds around where you want them to grow. You can move the seedlings if they pop up where you do not want them to grow.
Once you have them you will have them every year.
They come in white, pink, blue and mauve.
I want all the colors too, I did ws the blue one 3 yrs ago, it did come back last yr, will have to check when it's not raining to see if it's there this yr, I haven't noticed it this yr.
It is very pretty. I love the color. I saw some in a pot at krogers yesterday. I was going to get them but I was in a hurry. If they're still there when I go back I'll get them. They were only $5.99 and it is a big pot.
I am being malinged!! I didn't say it - Kym did! LOL!!!!!!!!!
Dizzy says I smell of garbage

And yes, it is Butterfly Blue delphinium. They were in the mixes I sent out. Love them too - they look so dainty and fairy-like.
Cool Dizzy!! I WS the seeds you sent me last year so that means I will have more!!! I don't want to be it was you that said I smelled like I lived in a garbage oscar the grouch maybe. Kym probably put you up to it are both!
Me rotten? Why, turkey-lips, I don't know what you could be talking about......
by the way, that circle above my daff pic is a HALO, don't you know! LOL!


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I have those delphiniums, started them from seed several years ago, They were called blue fairy, they get about 18" tall and have came back for me every year. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to