Aphids in my greenhouse, HELP!!!!!

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I just found them on my pepper plants and started squashing them, any help as to how to control and get rid of them would be great. I don't want them to get on my other plants.
I am a chemi person after spending so many years in the greenhouse. Lots of people here have organic solutions. I took my mandevilla outside and sprayed it today as I am certain that it has thrips and possibly spider mites. I bought an over the counter spray that should help. In one week I will take it out again and spray it with a soapy water solution.
If you have a greenhouse, go Ladybugs! With ladybugs, there is no rebound like you can see with chemical sprays. About the time things start to warm up, you can open the door and let them go into the rest of the garden.

If you don't want to try the ladybugs, and I can't recommend them enough, there are a lot of other things you can try. Almost anything kills aphids, soap sprays all the way up to harsher chemicals. The trick is to spray several weeks in a row. I don't know how many plants you're talking about, but you can also rinse the plant under a faucet and knock almost all the aphids off. Once again, you'll have to repeat in a about a week, but it works.
aphids and mealie bugs are the bain of my existence. I have tried all kinds of organic. I suffered along with my hoyas all winter with mealie and alcohol then finally took them upstaies to the shower and dosed them with Volck oil once and they are finally gone. Aphids I just plain don't mess with right off at first sign they get sprayed with the volck I only get them on my brug cuttings if they ever decided to fly away I would be doomed. It would be my worst nightmare come true. I have over 130 plants in the house right now and more on the way. I just don't play games with aphids. Good Luck
What are you growing,exactly!??
I am not familiar with these common greenhouse aphids
Aulacorthum solani. Myzus persicae, Macrosiphoniella sanborni, Aphis gossypii, Macrosiphum euphorbiae,

I could only suggest to change the living conditions, and look for ants (rid them if you find them) and circulate the air extremely well and try to keep the temps at a level they do not multiply in (if that is possible; not much knowledge on that one). Identify and get predators to work for you. Just give them their food and host for larva and you will be set. Aphid midges, lady beetle larvae, parasitic wasp, aphidius colemani.. green lacewing larvae, Aphidoletes (best at control Greenhouse aphids). Some eat them and some use the aphid as a host.

Know which will work best for the living conditions that are in the green house and set up their living requirement.
Butt he first quest needs to be addressed..what exactly everything ..is growing.
Then, which aphids do you have.

Hope I gave you a tip...
I do not grow anything in a walk in greenhouse..

I had them once when I was doing panseys,and used Orthos systemic insect killer, the plant absorbs it and the aphids died after chewing a little. worked after one spraying. Use a mask and ventilate. I didn't have time to order and wait for ladybugs, but that does seem the most friendly way to go.
Sunflower3, Are your peppers potted? What else are you growing now?
I ask because one of them can be the "attractant".
Are they getting enough lighting and not too much water?
Orthos systemic aphid killer, all it do was nearly kill me.
I had brought my peppers etc in for the winter and they all got aphids,around March into April. It was terrible. What cured them was Lighting, and less watering.


I have everything in my green house vegs & flowers and more. I have only found them on my pepper plants and just keep going back and squashing them with my fingers, only found 3 this evening. They are real tiny and green,i would like to know how they start, maybe then i can figure it out. are they small white specks that hatch or what and how?? I grow my items to sell so this is not good for me, I used the soap and water spray on them too. but are they in the dirt?? I'm letting thing dry out and hope that will help also.
Aphids over winter as eggs in cold climates. Did you bring anything into the greenhouse that had been outside? Did you bring in any plants purchased or gifted from other sites? I'm thinking there are aphids somewhere else, and the new growth on the peppers attracted them as they hatched out.
I don't know if they had wings they are to small to really look at.
I brought in planters & dirt from outside, also bought some of my plants from ebay.
guess I will just have to check them lots and kill what I see and do the spray of soap & water.
Did they fly away when you got close or
did they stay there at the mercy of your pinchers *lol ?
Can you take a pic?

I am able to squash them they don't go any where,I found them all over my pansies and threw them out of the green house, just found a few on my parsely, dill and zinnias, I washed all plants and dirt with the soap wash so hopefully that will take care of them. just look like tiny green dots and they are under the leaves..

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