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Hi everyone,

I got back from a work trip and discovered the trunk of my beautiful Aralia 6" home tree opened with some green matter (like mold) on top of it. The overall trunk seem like about to crack around.
The airbnb i had might have scratched the trunk and opened a portion of it.
Does anyone knows what it is and is my tree is at risk ?
I recently discovered a tiny snail on its base and see life popping regularly around it. I will be so sad to see it go.

Thanks a lot for all your answers!

Please find a photo for reference.



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Hi Touelve.
Looks to me that watering is the main issue.
The soil looks like it is too wet from overwatering.
This issue has been over the long term and the plant cannot handle it.
The pot is also too small for the plant that size.
Possible solutions:
You can cut out and remove all infected dead growth.
Reduce watering and make sure the pot is not sitting in water to prevent root rot.
Let the soil surface dry out before rewatering.
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