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Agree with Klevelyn.
Based on our product range, we suggest:
For pot plants, automatic watering sensor is enough, this can be used with spring water box, etc. Very cost-saving.
• Great device for watering plants far away from garden hose
• Low cost solution for automatic watering plants without the risk of overwatering and dehydration
• Directly deliver water, fertilizer into root zone of plants
• Fit in most size soda bottle or wine bottle with cap
• More water capacity
• No breakage
• No leak water at bottle connection
• Easy to clean
Or Holiday Plant sitter automatic watering sensor. The nozzle head is made of ceramic cone. HT5072, our product code.
For a larger garden plot, we suggest Hose Dripline Watering Kit 71pcs. Water timer optional as per customers.
Contents include:
10 End Dripper, 10 Inline Dripper, 1 3/4" BSP Tap Adaptor, 1 Flow Control Valve,
1 Filter Washer, 2 Straight Connector, 15 Tee Connector, 5 End Clamp, 15 Support Stake, 10 Pipe Clip and
23M (75 Ft) Viny Hose Pipe
• Comprehensive kit for an easy watering system
• Ideal for watering hanging baskets, terrace gardens, flower beds, balconies, potted plants etc
• For applications up to 75 sq. ft.
• Waters a 75 square foot area
• All-in-one drip system
• Provides everything to apply emitter tubbing in garden yard and spot watering to widely spaced plants
• Conforms to your landscaped area
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