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New Member
Hello Everyone!

I'm newly registered to this fourm but not new to the sight. I have been lurking around in the shadows for sometime now :D and thought I'd come out in to the sun shine. :)

I hope you will all forgive any miss steps at my first attempts at being a fourm member.

I do have one question though, how do you all get those cute little pictures by your name? I understand they are called Avatars and I saw a selection of "stock" avatars, but how do I go about putting my own on?

Please keep in mind I know just enough about computers to get myself in trouble.

Thanks and I look forward to interacting with all of you.
Hi Sue!
Here's a formal welcome to our forum!
Avatar pictures:
Go to Your Control Panel
Then click Edit Profile Picture
On the right hand side of the page use Option 1 if you have photos on a webstie such as Flicker!
Use Option 2 if the photo is on your computer hard drive!
Click Browse --->you may have to go do a search to find where your photos are on you hard drive. When you find the one you want double click the photo to upload it to the forum.
You will more then likely need to resize the photo to (say 7mega pixels) in order for it to be uploaded to the forum!
Then click Save Changes and the photo will attatch under your name!
If you have problems let us know and we'll gladly walk you through the process!
blue not sure you are aware that you are in the red...that is you appear off line you might want to go in and change your setting so others can see you when they may want to contact you

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