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I have been taking care of my basil plant for quite some time but I noticed that the bottom stems are wooding. Every time I look it up it either says it’s maturing or has root rot. But the wooding is climbing up the stem and some of the bottom leaves are turning a really light green and then falling off. Is this normal? Two of the pictures I took and few weeks ago and the other I took today. The brown is crawling up the stem. I also tried to take I picture of a leaf that is much light of a color than the rest.


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Hello Jennah.
Yes, wooding is normal as the plant ages....the yellowing of older lower leaves is also normal.
Time to start new plants with cuttings....they are easy to root in water...once they develop a few roots you can pot them up.


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So does that mean after it starts wooding it’s life is over? I have to cut the non-wooded part and root those because the wooding means it will no longer make basil leaves?


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Oh man, I also have a basil plant, and I have mentioned the bottom steams are also wooding. I thought something was wrong with it.


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Oh man, I also have a basil plant, and I have mentioned the bottom steams are also wooding. I thought something was wrong with it. The situation is the same as yours. The wooding is climbing up the stem, and the bottom leaves are turning really light green. However, they don't fall off immediately, and it takes them a lot of time to fall. By the way, guys, don't you have a rope swing in your backyard? What kind of ropes did you use? I want to find the most reliable ones as I don't want my kids to fall off the swings. I have read some reviews on , and it seems there are some great ropes. Did you use any of them?
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