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Hello everyone.
I am so excited to have 20 or so cherries our young cherry tree that is on our roof. We have been working hard for the last couple of years trying to grow the tree properly on the roof. I think it may actually have worked. I'm just not sure what's wrong with the leaves still...Maybe too much water or heat on the roof?
I'm so excited that I made a short video showing it (it was 6:00 am so I may seem a little slow, just rolled out of bed:))

Cherry tree Video click here

cherries LR.jpg


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Love the idea of rooftop gardening!
There is one slight problem with cherry trees as they are self-sterile.
You will need another tree in order for cross pollination to occur and produce fruit!


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the next tree can be down the block, its a city in a city in Bk? We had a neighbors tree LOS (line of Sight) say 700 ft, a block away
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